Rectangle Glasses that Never Let you Down!

Rectangle Frames: You Companions for Life!

Do you think that prescription glasses only correct vision? Hell No! They detail your personality and say quite a lot about your fashion sense!

Not long ago was the geek chic look coined in the millennials, and frames designs started innovating into asymmetrical shapes, bold prints and fun textures!

Earlier, stepping into an optical store and picking the boring chunky blacks was easy because that was the trend. Eyeglasses were more of a necessity than a luxury back then.

They are necessary today too, but apart from correcting vision they denote style and can also be customized into glasses particular to driving or computer use.

In this digital world no one like the sales staff breathing down their neck while trying to make the perfect pick of prescription sunglasses or glasses! Shopping online at Optically can be your lifesaver too, with over 30 designer labels featured of affordable and quality prescription glasses, they is a humongous variety to browse through!

From the various shapes available, Optically boasts their vivid collection of rectangle shaped eye-wear- the classic never go wrong shape! Rectangle is almost everyone’s first pair of eyeglasses and the safest bet when you buy prescription glasses online.

Rectangle is wide to match any face type and add the right angles to your face. Works best in acetate, as you can choose the thickness of the rims by your personal preference whereas metal will remain minimalist.

Whether you are shopping for reading glasses online or computer glasses online, or just a pair of non prescription glasses online to style these top 5 styles at Optically will never fail you in vogue!


Well hello my evergreen Tortoise Shell! So simple yet stark in appearance, these frames in light acetate body in a wooden infused texture that is so versatile to match any lifestyle!


Well if you can’t escape your love for black might as well add some bright hues in the inner rims like these frames. Coupled with double studs on the temples and yellow undertones that break the monochrome are quite breathtaking!


Don’t be boring with your regulars and try out the two tone menace in translucent brown and clear, a creative twist to the barely there clear frames!


Sporty and Flirty? Then these frames in bright red are made for you! Streamlined make in acetate, reflecting light off in flair!


Nothing can beat the elegance that half rimmed glasses get you. These gunmetal frames are  matured, sturdy and chic in every way!

Buy glasses online at Optically and muse your eyes to creative designs of rectangle shaped styles that can be bespoke fashion companions!


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