Know your Style Mantra with Glasses!

Makeup Tips to Turn Heads with Glasses

Got yourself affordable glasses online? Don’t forget to flaunt that beautiful face behind those vivacious frames!

Your face can speak a thousand words if you wear the right make-up. Wearing glasses can indeed be a boon and that can completely change your look.

Facial Radiance

A daub of face paint and some generous helping of lip gloss can instantly make specs wearers grab onlookers attention. Makeup accentuates the right features and helps get the focus on your swanky eye accessories.

You don’t  need look blunt or dull when wearing prescription glasses. Eye catching make up is something that helps highlight the skin tone and the style of glasses help create a gorgeous look that makes heads turn.

Shape the Brows

Like your pair of peepers, your eyebrows need a perfect reason to shine. Outline the eyes and make yourself look fuller and beautiful. You need to groom your eyebrows with care and precision. Make a nice arch and keep your brow line neat and shapely. Properly shaped brows help add definition to your frames.

Lighten your Skin Tone

If you are spending too much time wearing computer glasses online, you could risk darkening your temples. In this case, wearing glasses too long when spending time in front of the computer can create an uneven skin tone around the eyes.

You need to use a concealer that carefully covers the dark hue around the eyes and makes the skin look bright. Do not forget applying a good amount of it on your upper eye lid and nose area too.

Line your Eyes

Most specs wearers feel that their eyes look smaller in glasses. You must use eyeliner that enhances the eyes and creates appeal. The striking frames create the best impact when you apply thick black eyeliner. For thinner frames, apply thick eyeliner hues. Playing safe is no more an option though. So try out brand new colours.

Computer Glasses Online

Bold is Sold

Wear a bolder lip colour shade that creates the best balance with a dark coloured frame. Add nude hues when the frames are less screechy. Draw more attention to your face and do it effortlessly.

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Tip: Curl your eyelashes with voluminous mascara and use waterproof kohl to highlight eyes behind subtle frames.

Wearing eyeglasses is no more a flaw but a classy flaunt! The right technique elevates your looks and charms one and all, so get going with these styling tips.


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