How to Click the Smartest Selfies with Prescription Glasses?

Tips to Click the Best Selfies with Glasses On

Selfies galore!  Everyone is busy showcasing themselves on Instagram handles and Facebook. How could the fashion forward soul in you be left far behind?

If you just search for #selfie on Instagram, you can just about view 240 million photographs of different individuals. For those who wear spectacles, you need to buy the right prescription glasses online that help you ace that perfect trailblazer look on camera.

Prescription Glasses Online

There are a host of things you need to keep in mind when you buy glasses online. Certain clever photographs you take on your phones can have an unflattering light or unwanted reflections.

So here’s the story, even if you have bought yourself cheap glasses online ,we help you show off your amazing pair with the right selfies!

Here are some tips for glass wearers like you.

Get Angles Right

Every experienced selfie taker is aware that good natural lighting is the first thing that is necessary for snapping the best images. There is nothing worse than dark shadows covering your face when clicking a photo.

You can reduce glare if you change the position of your face in relation to the light source. Tilt your head a little lower than the light or even turn away from it to get a good snap. Alternatively, you could also angle your glasses a little to reflect the light away onto the lenses.

The best angles produce the brightest images. Selfies can show off your glasses without hiding your features. When you click selfies, remember to change your positions and play around with angles. Shoot straight ahead or from sides or even bend back for a view.

Embrace Make up Wholeheartedly

When you face up to bright lenses and flash, always be careful about makeup. The best cosmetics can truly colour your photos with style and brightness. You can boast of the extra confidence in a layer of face paint. Add to your facial smile. Just a daub of kohl or even a line of slender mascara or eyeliner can define your eyes and brighten your photograph.

Buy Glasses Online

Remember, flashing your pearly whites may indeed help you go that extra mile when clicking a selfie. A beaming smile or a forever pout can help you ace that amazing look on a weekend winter afternoon!

Keep snapping and clicking with élan. and light up your mobile screens with a happy bespectacled face!

When looking to brace that beautiful face right Buy prescription sunglasses online at Optically where affordability meets style! If you own a great designer pair , then use their reglaze glasses  services and get a customized lens replacement to give your existing pair a renewed look!

Dazzle that Selfie with Brilliance!

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