Prescription Glasses for Book Lovers!

Bookworms Need These Prescription Glasses Now!

Prescription glasses are no longer called as the nerd accessory, as a matter of fact, studies state that people wearing glasses are 47% more appealing than the ones who don’t!

Seems quite true, since people who don’t have a prescription are also styling away prescription glasses! And the ones who are sensitized to eye care, choosing digital blue coat lenses to protect their eyes from the excessive use of digital screens!

Time, to treat your eyes to a pair of prescription glasses right?  Then, wait no more, as Optically brings to you an array of 33 thousand frames, with 36 designer labels that suit both your luxury and necessity needs when it comes to stylish prescription glasses online.

You will be surprised how hooked you can get to this user-friendly website, with simple filters and the Virtual Try On feature, that lets you see how the frames brace your face, virtually!

Let’s admit it, nothing is sexier than a knowledgeable gal who loves her books! Even the geek chic look is hitting fashion ramps and creating a havoc!

And if you are a self confessed bookworm, then treating those eyes right, with a comfortable pair that compliments your taste is a must!

A true book person, will be stylish and minimal when it comes to the frames, but subtle enough to be mysterious leaving onlookers wondering what’s hidden beneath that calm grandeur! We have all seen Natalie Portman and Ryan Gosling both rock the nerd glasses uber sexy right?

At Optically, we don’t want you mulling over frames and have compiled for you the best bookworm style glasses that will make your best companions!

1. Nothing spells maturity than a good pair of half-rimmed glasses in Black, especially this one with slight extended temples and a sleek make, make quite a sensual pair to be wearing.

Nineteenth Street NS10206 C2

2. Good old Round Glasses, have always been the first nerd picks, reflecting retro sensibilities yet uber modern in the new metal styles.

Nineteenth Street GT2001 C1

3. If you are going for round then why not add a royal touch of blue to it, couple that with a transparent body with double studs and you have an elegant pair right here!

Nineteenth Street XHC61 C3

4. Clear is invisible, much like bookworms prefer to be! Get that in square, with a hint of golden metal on the nose bridge and temples and you have the frame screaming class all the way!

Alan S3010 C10

5. Nothing can beat the classic tortoiseshell and its connect with book lovers, a texture that braces every face just as easy, like it styles every outfit too!


Don’t spoil your fashion quotient by burying in the wrong pair of glasses, instead hop online at Optically and buy prescription glasses online, that are chic-geek, class-sombre, hip-happening while being affordable in full rimmed, semi-rimmed and rimless glasses.

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