Swimsuit & Sunglasses Pairings to Rock that Beach Right!

Sunglasses for your Swimsuits!

Weekend is here and you cannot wait to hit that beach to sunbake and take a long swim. Be it river tubing, or surfing or even a casual pool hangout, you must aim to be the best dressed lady in your swimwear.

You can wear the conservative one piece or be bold enough to don the bikini, that sexy ensemble can only be complete with a flattering pair of prescription sunglasses.

Clubmaster for the Rockstar or Rimless Glasses for the Minimalist? What’s your style going to be?

Plan well for your next yacht party, or a pool party or even a beach escapade by choosing to buy affordable prescription sunglasses online at Optically that gets you designer labels at affordable prices while being impeccable in fashion!

Check out the below list of swimwear and sunglasses pairings that make your soak up the sun in true celebrity style!

1. Colorful Bikini

Nothing sets a the beach mood right than a colorful or a neon bikini. The brightness can shine your curves well, while you can team it up with chunky black sunnies to tame that shine!


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2. Tankini

And you thought the swimwear has to be bold? Subtle and feminine, while reflecting a sporty attitude, a tankini needs a statement pair of sunglasses to get some heads turning!


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 3. One Piece Suit

Gigi Hadid gave us some serious fashion goals when she sported the “least show” swimsuit, and we realized how elegant that can be too! You can try the monochrome, or striped but pair it best with sunglasses in white or clear to contrast those rays well on your swim parole.


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  4. High Waisted Bikini

Not as vintage today as some of us still find the fit to be comfortable while we sprawl on the sand. Isint is confidence that you need to look great after all? Compliment the retro stance in sunglasses having the retro sensibilities, and you can too be Audrey Hepburn!


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 5. Cut-Out Swimwear

Quite Glam in the cut-out silhouettes, meaning beach but screaming party! It’s sure to make you stand out if teamed with a classy, celebrity inspired sunglasses!


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Whether you look to buy glasses online or look to buy prescription glasses online, Optically is your one stop bespoke solution for fashion forward eyewear that styles every outfit of yours right!

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