How to Choose Sunglasses for the Unconventional Weather?

Tips for buying prescription eyewear for cooler months!

Are you battling eye woes in winter? A good pair of eyeglasses online can help you tide over winter blues. The changing of seasons is not always a great thing for your peepers. Every winter, the climate goes through a characteristic of dry spells.

In winters, your eye can suffer a dry eye syndrome and reduced night time vision. You need a pair of hardy and effective prescription glasses and Prescription Sunglasses to battle it right.

When winter is not that kind to your eyes, we list a few things you can do to alter seasonal hazards.

Sun protection :

To begin with, when you are shopping for glasses online, you need to give careful consideration while choosing prescription glasses. Sun protection is a must when you wear glasses, so look for a UV Protection label or description to ensure the same. Glare of the sun is much stronger in winter months as the skies are clearer, hence making sun damage to the eyes quite common if you work outdoors regularly.

Digital Coating :

Digital Coating is a chemical coating to reflect blue light emitted from digital screens. Be it any style, full rimmed or rimless glasses they should have the digital tint that helps ward off blue light. Protection from digital screens is must in every weather. 

Coverage of Frames :

The higher the coverage the more protected your eyes are. If you have dry and irritated eyes in winters, you should choose pairs of aviators or even wrap around glasses that shield your eyes from winds and snow. 

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Anti Glare :

If you are making that sunny drive from work, you might face glares. Coated sunglasses may be good for your eyes while driving. Reflected lights and other car and streetlights often create a blurry mix. If you are wearing an anti-reflective coating you are safeguarding your eyesight from any winter elements.

If you are interested in browsing through selected styles and fashion forward frames, trust Optically to offer you the best eyewear online. You can choose for women’s glasses or men’s glasses styles that are versatile to match any weather with ‘spectacular’ clarity and ease.

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