4 Types of Eye Wear Every Woman Should Own!

Yearning for top notch eye wear online? Most women own multiple pairs of earrings and believe in matching these with their glasses online. You must have a special pair of eyeglasses for each ensemble. Your prescription glasses are simply not relegated to being a fashion statement, they are functional necessity! You need at least four pairs of glasses to be able to switch gracefully from one pair to another for every wardrobe change. Each of these women’s glasses are must have in your cupboard!

Here are the four different kinds of glasses that you should own:

1) Regular Wear

This pair of glasses are a must have for daily wear. These can be carried around depending on what you do for the entire day. Neutral coloured frames are a must and suit all face types. It is also important that these pairs of eyeglasses should match the nature of your everyday activity. The formality is important. Funky frames may not be ideal for a conservative legal environment but can rock a creative space.

2) Bolder Frames

There could be days when you actually may want to skip your regular glasses and opt for a statement pair. You could go for bolder colours and chunky shapes that exude confidence and attract eyeballs. You can have one each for every fashion wardrobe.

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Must Have Styles of Prescription Glasses!

3) Prescription Sunglasses

Nothing is more defeating than a casual look on the beach without prescription sunglasses. Why should you waste your eyesight squinting at the cocktail menu? Choose the gorgeous pairs of prescription sunglasses that are a trip worthy accessory! Enjoy the sun and frolic in the sands with these glasses.

4) Rimless Glasses

Rimless frames are a must for your reading habit and come in handy at work. The neutral temples and slim earpieces are a must have for every woman.

Ideally, these are your spare glasses that exhibit a neutral look and go well with all clothes. In fact, these neutral frames are likeable and attractive suiting all degrees of formality. These are suitable for business meetings and can help make an impression on others!

Each of these wonder-pairs for your optical wardrobe are mandatory must haves for every woman. You can find these at affordable and competitive prices at Optically. If you are thinking of matching your look with your accessories, think shopping for eyeglasses online with us. We have countless styles and fashionable frames to match all seasons!

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