The Right Glasses to Style that Black Dress of Yours!

A sexy black dress is found in every woman’s wardrobe. Its elegant enough to attend those classy affairs and fun enough to go clubbing in. The Little Black Dress is every woman’s best companion.

A black dress doesn’t judge you on your size or your personality, its versatile to fit in any occasions right?

But can that Perfect Black Dress style your attire completely?

No, you need the right shoes, makeup and accessories to give it that cherry on the cake.

And what about your prescription glasses? You think those boring regulars could leave that mark? Hell No, your face is the first thing that people notice before sliding their gaze over your clothes! So, just like you invest in the right makeup and shoes, getting yourself a great pair of prescription glasses online is a Must too!

Well for starters, they have become quite a phenomenon on fashion ramps with the geek chic look floating paparazzi.  Second, the make you look quite cool. And lastly, the frame shape can totally change your look!

Rimless Glasses for Matured? Oversized for Retro? Rectangle for Nerdy?

What’s your pick for the occasion you are dressing up for?

1) Wedding Mayhem 

Envious of the ivory worn by the bride? Get your own to feast your eyes right! Break the monotony with this crisp, feminine pair that exudes class! The golden metal bridge and arms make it quite a sensation at wedding affairs.

2) Corporate Brunch


A total ‘dont-mess-with-me’ look to slay your next corporate meeting. Minimalist with the thin metal rims and so modern in the airborne structure set in sophistication and intelligence.

3) Weekend Getaway

Let your eyes have some fun too while experiencing new terrains! Inject some colour in your dress with this pink metal frame that is charming enough to get you some serious compliments.

4) Party High

Enter that dim lit club in style with these translucent frames that are quite sassy to catch attention while you break the monochrome of ambiance and outfits!

5) Meet the Parents

An absolute ‘Miss Goody Two Shoes” pair that is perfect to win your boyfriend’s parents hearts, you just get one first impression right? The slight blue on the brow line adds humour to the serious black overall. Now who wouldn’t like a fun and simple girl?

Wondering how these will look on you? Well just upload your close-up portrait on Optically and experience the Virtual Mirror that lets you try out all the frames featured on their catalog virtually! Brilliant isn’t it?

Plus these prescription glasses can be made in prescription sunglasses too, just change the tint, colour and type to your preference. So affordable and convenient that next time you are worried about rocking any outfit, you know hopping online at is your answer!

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