5 Reasons Prescription Glasses Are Better Than Contacts

Deciding between contact lenses and prescription glasses is a debate like Tom Cruise vs Brad Pitt, or like a cats vs dogs to put it quite right!

Prescription glasses are actually like sushi, you either love them or hate them. And while we are here putting forward our views on why must you go for prescription glasses we are nowhere stating that contact lenses are inconvenient. Its a personal choice and at Optically we want you to have a clear vision and a healthy eyesight!

While prescription glasses had been labelled long ago as the nerd accessory or that old saying that boys don’t go after girls wearing glasses, neither hold any significance in the 21st century. Geek Chic is the new look coined on the fashion ramps and even those without a prescription are sporting glasses just to be in vogue!

So let’s look at why we feel that Prescription glasses are better than getting Contacts:

1) Ahoy to Healthy Eyes!:

Wearing contacts means popping your finger in your eyes, every day and although you might have clean fingers the chances of bacteria travelling into your eyes is higher. Which means you will have more symptoms like dryness, itchiness and sty’s because let’s admit it even if they are wafer thin and cashmere soft, it’s still a foreign body placed inside your eyes!

Prescription glasses sit comfortably on your nose while there is no poking your eyes!

2) Random Naps:

Sleeping off with contacts is a strict no-no. You ask why? Well scientifically our eyeball is hollow around the edges to facilitate movement, in a worse case scenario the tissue thin lens can easily travel at the back of the eye, thus sitting on the retina and blocking any light entering your eye. Solution: Surgery! Gosh, freaky as it is, and even though a vacuum holds the lens on your eyeball, while you sleep you cannot imagine the repercussions if the lens decides to take a casual stroll around your eyeball!

With spectacles you just take of your glasses, or fall asleep while you read a book- there is no reaching out to the lenses case before you pass out!

3) No Time Restriction:

Most eye specialists recommend that contact lenses should be worn for upto 8 hours thus giving your eyes a break. Here’s what it means: Allowing oxygen to travel to your eyes. Yeah, just like ever organ functions on oxygen molecules, your eye is no different. While some claim that they have easily gone for upto 12 hrs in lenses, you still ought to take them off and clean your eyes when you slip into your slumber.

Prescription Glasses can be worn anywhere, anytime and through the clock since ample air keeps your eyes hydrated!

Designer glasses online

Clear Glasses collection at Optically. Make reading effortless!

4) No Emergency rush to the Optician :

A crazy frat party and a lens popped out of your eye? Or had mascara goop on the lens and while you clean it they scratched? Travelling away and lost the spare pair? Well all of these beckon a visit to the nearby optician and ordering a fresh pair of lenses and we know that will take at least a week unless you are lucky and get one on the same day!

Break your pair of glasses- use a masking tape for emergency! Scratched glasses- use toothpaste to clean it out! Broken arm- well hello glue! Prescription glasses have many easy fix DIYs that don’t need an optician immediately!

5) You own Style:

Contacts restrict you to one style whereas Prescription glasses are a leading fashion accessory and say alot about you, especially if you are wearing designer glasses that denote chic sophistication or quirky arrogance! You can choose your style your way! Go fierce with cat-eye frames or mellow with rimless glasses, boho with over-sized and rock-star with club-master! Each pair gives you a new look!

So what are you waiting for when there are over 33 thousand frames of prescription sunglasses and glasses online waiting for you at Optically! Shop now for trendy, trustworthy and genuine eyewear at the comfort of your couch!


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