Prescription Sunglasses And Why Must You Get Them?

Remember that time when you were driving with the sun hitting your eyes and you had to squint through your prescription glasses, or that time when you were hiking up that mountain trail at noon and hated the glare on your glasses?

Having the sun shining straight into your eyes is just as uncomfortable as switching between two glasses, besides if you have a higher prescription then wearing sunglasses does not really work. You cant see clearly anyways!

And so, were invented prescription sunglasses. The answer to protect eyes while getting your 20/20 vision in place.

Here is everything you need to know about Prescription Sunglasses:-

What are Prescription Sunglasses?

The corrective lenses that are placed in prescription glasses are darkened to be used in powered sunglasses. So the refractive prescription lenses work both as sunglasses and eyeglasses in one single frame.

Why Should you own a Pair?

Let’s admit it. Sunglasses are damn stylish, so to start there is the fashion quotient. Second, the UV protection keeps your eyes in good health, and third they work as a two in one product which takes away the pain of switching between two pairs of glasses.

Who needs them?

Quite honestly, everyone who holds a prescription needs a pair of trendy prescription sunglasses since not everyone is comfortable in lenses, going for that morning jog, or to fish at the lake or even driving around town in the day- you cannot do without your sunglasses right? Just because you have a prescription does not mean that you can’t have that swanky pair.

Athletes, sportsmen and adventure enthusiasts cannot do without smart prescription sunglasses because you need clear vision to pursue the sun. 

Prescription Sunglasses

Spring Collection 2018: Trendy Round Glasses in Chunky Frames


The Types of Materials used in them?

Plastic, polycarbonate lenses, high impact lenses are all types of lightweight and durable prescription lenses that start with a 1.56 index and go up to 1.80 for world’s thinnest lenses. The thinner lens does not show off from the frame borders and is more for the fashion conscious souls as it does not give out your power.

What other customizations?

Apart from choosing one of the 12 tint and 3 gradient options, you can also select the type of lenses you need. Polarized? Transition Lenses? Mirrored Coating? Prescription sunglasses can be crafted to your preference at Optically in the frame that you love with the prescription you hold.

Get yours today! Convenience, style and ease at a few clicks on, the one stop destination for trendy and affordable prescription sunglasses and glasses online.


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