The Right Prescription Glasses for the Perfect First Date!

After a lot of contemplation, you have agreed to go on a date. As if you weren’t walking on eggshells already! Gosh! How long has it been? Years, months or a decade, you don’t even remember what dating felt like.

Well, it goes without saying that you ought be to at your best behavior, its like that one date can make or break the future of this candid set-up.

You attitude of course needs to be impeccable but you attire needs to match it too! They say every person judges you in the first 5 seconds that they see you. If that’s true, then the first thing your date will notice is your face!

There is make-up, your smile, your hair but then there are your eyes, that i-will-sweep-you-off-your-feet look in your gaze that will seal the deal right there! And you think wearing cheap boring regular prescription glasses will do the trick?

Even if you place your bets on its better to avoid chances! Dear prescription glass wearer, a great new pair of glasses is A Must for your romantic first date!

Here is what you need to do to get them right:

1. Take A Picture:

We bet you have your close-up portrait handy, if not get it off your Facebook profile if need be. Why you Ask? To use the brilliantly engineered Virtual Mirror by Optically. Yes, imagine browsing through 33 thousand frame styles of fashion forward glasses online and loving each one but wondering if they will suit your face? You get to see how the frames you muse look on you virtually to make that perfect choice.

Although all prescription glasses at Optically come with 1.56 index lenses and a anti-glare coating, you can customize them further by choosing a preferred type of lens, Kodak maybe or a Digital blue coat this time around? All this convenience at the comfort of your couch! Great for that end minute dinner date, especially with the 24 hour dispatch on some their best selling picks!

2. Take A Designer:

Wait what- A designer frame for just a first date? Hell yes, that too without hurting your pockets for that spectacular first impression! Optically features 36 designer labels of prescription sunglasses and glasses in every shape and texture you can imagine. Looking for a grey tortoise shell pair? Or a round bright red? Perhaps rimless glasses this time? Maybe varifocals without that distinct line? All these designer glasses being affordable without making you compromise on the style. Your date is noticing every piece of accessory you don, and getting a celebrity inspired swanky frame won’t do you any harm.


Variety of Designer Spectacles to Choose From!

3. Take a Call:

Prescription glasses maybe affordable and convenient to buy but will they do justice to your face type and skin tone? Know what your face shape is to look effortlessly cool, even your skin tone to get it perfected to the T. Going for round glasses on a round face is a fashion faux pas, and going for square frames with that strong jawline is outright wrong!

As a thumb rule, choose a shape that is the opposite to your face shape and as far as your skin tone, if warmer choose earthy palettes like beige, brown and cognac, for cooler hues pick out tones that are brighter like pink, mauve and light tortoiseshell.

If that’s too much, then go for the classic black, grey or brown tortoiseshell that will always remain your safe bets when confused!

The right accessories can bring sinful elegance to simple outfits so make sure to bring your confidence, your manners and your new designer prescription glasses to rock that first date in vogue!

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