4 Hottest Mens Prescription Sunglasses to Own Now!

Sunglasses have become the most trending accessory of 2018 and an undeniable style statement to complete your outfits. Be it camping away on the weekend or Saturday night drinks at the Pavillion, sunglasses are the perfect outdoor companions.

The right pair of prescription sunglasses can make you look effortlessly cool while the wrong pair can be just downright gaudy. Whether you prefer a retro look or a classy one, the frame must compliment your persona the best!

You need careful consideration when looking to find your beloved’s and a fair amount of variety too! At Optically you will get to browse over 33 thousand sunglasses and spectacles online that you can customize to your preference.

Looking to try out the transition lenses? Wanting your prescription updated? Or looking to try a grey gradient this time around? Then Optically is your one stop solution to buy that fabulous pair of glasses online that are affordable and trustworthy.

Here are 4 Hottest Mens Sunglasses Styles to Make that impeccable statement!

D-Frame Sunglasses :

Vintage inspired yet futuristic in design with a straight slice over the top rim, making the shape very crisp just like the confidence it exuberates. Very masculine with modern sensibilities this style grabs instant attention in its sexy stance.

Aviators :

Aviators has by far dominated the eyewear market since the Army Air Corps demanded Bausch & Lomb to create these teardrop designs back in the 1900’s for their pilots. They are often in thin metal, with or without a brow bar and a wider frame style. The look best in their light to dark gradient style of prescription lenses.

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Round Sunglasses :

The 1920’s craze of round sunglasses soon made it to consumer wardrobes and were no more seen as luxury, but the became a necessity. The shape of round sunglasses is small enough to accentuate your features in a more softer and appealing way. You can get that retro feel with a taste of quirky. Their small structure makes them easy to fit in any frame style, be it full rimmed or rimless glasses.

Mirrored Sunglasses :

Highly reflective and bold, mirrored sunglasses have quite a sex appeal. They make a man look mysterious making him very swoon worthy, especially if he’s up for straight up business. They are great to team up with formals and casuals- its like watching a walking mirror on the curb!

Since we all love a well dressed man, why not treat yourself at Optically and get these sassy pairs of prescription glasses online?


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