Blue Mirror Sunglasses for the Fashion Forward

Hello Water Babies and Beach Bums, sunglasses are as dear to you as your sun tan! While you bask in the glorious sun, you make sure your eyes are styled with the trendiest sunglasses.

But why think only traditional sunglasses, when Mirrored Sunglasses are the hottest thing in town. From fashionistas to celebrities, to ramps and street corners, you will find these reflectors being flaunted away!

And then there are Blue Mirrored Sunglasses that have you catching your breath, they are sexy, chic and fashion forward,  lets not forget how much they reflect your love of the blues!


Mirrored Sunglasses may look opaque, that’s because they filter light really well allowing only 10-40% of light to enter the glasses, protecting your eyes better while giving you a sharper vision. Sand, Water, Snow or High Altitudes it ain’t gonna bother the blue zees!

Blue Coating is a thin chemical layer vaporized on the outer surface of the sunglasses, making it highly reflective. So when you see someone with a swanky pair of blue mirrored sunglasses, you will notice the reflections of nearby surroundings in that small blue coated mirror too, which makes you wonder, can the person even see!!

Well, Ha Ha but the coating is not on the inside and yes of course the person can SEE and so can you when you decide to elevate your outdoor personality with these cool pair of sunnies.

Check out our top sunglasses frames that you MUST buy for your Blue Mirrored Muse, so that you can too flaunt those prescription sunglasses in style.


Cat eye round sunglasses



When you say mirrored, we say Round: Hell Yes! The shape that has revolutionized blue mirror coating into every Vogue cover, is the John Lennon Round frames. Thin metal and sleek make, have the blue reflect beautifully off any complexion, especially if they have golden rims. Like this wacky pair, round and cat-eye is sure to make heads turn!


Aviator sunglasses



The classic style the Army Air Corps bestowed upon us, the Aviators are the never-go-wrong styles. They were the first to have reflected the mirror coating, of course rocking the Blue Mirror in the teardrop metal glasses for the minimalist feel since the blue mirror is quite a head turner in its loud sense.


Full Rimmed Sunglasses



Lets not forget the Wayfarers that almost were dumped out of the market and proclaimed their love with Ray Bans hefty marketing endorsements. The only shape that effortlessly carries the Blue Mirror Lenses in thick rimmed, acetate frames. The bulky stance compliments the reflector lenses, like we know that blue-black are quite a combination even otherwise.


Optically offers over 33 thousand pairs of prescription sunglasses and glasses online for you to choose from and have them customized to your preference. You can select the prescription lenses tint, gradient and type with the frame that you pick. You can also pick zero prescription lenses if you just love the frame. The affordability, variety and the convenience at their use friendly website will surely have to shop for two or more pairs!

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