3 Must Have Sunglasses Styles!

Sunglasses are worn all around the year and not just restricted to sunshine. Especially with the growing awareness of the harmful effects of UV rays, we recommend that you to get into the habit of keeping your sunnies close!

Besides they are a cool fashion accessory and there should be no reason why you shouldn’t have more than two easily in your optical collection. You can shop for affordable and trendy designer glasses online at Optically and elevate your optical collection without burning a hole in your pocket!

With prescription sunglasses in the picture its just an awesome time to be in, because there is no more switching between two glasses, and at Optically you can also customize the lenses to your personal preference.

1. Aviators

Aviators are an all time favorite classic of every sunglasses wearer, they are the styles that are almost everyone’s first buy. The teardrop style in thin metal is a versatile style to match any face shape.

They denote bold, adventurous and strong personalities and can be worn at any event or occasion without blinking an eye! Go for a gradient tint in silver, brown or grey to kill this look in sass!

Aviator sunnies

2. Wayfarers

Wayfarers had seen a slow decline after the introduction of other frame shapes, especially the round ones, but boy did RayBan invest heavily in celebrity marketing and gave them a massive comeback in 1980’s. Their wide shape compliments almost anyone, regardless of age.

Often made in acetate, they are durable and comfortable in their lightweight nature. Go for darker lenses tints like black, brown and navy with a black frame, even tortoiseshell and clear make a good bet.

Wayfarers sunglasses online

3. Clubmaster

This is known as the traditional brow line frame, that is half rimmed and has extended temples with accents or studs for added detail. They are classy with their chunky half rimmed stance at the brow with a thin rimmed bottom. A mature and stylish pair to perfectly team up that summer outfit or even a formal suit.

Club-masters is one of a kind style that sure makes heads turn!

Clubmaster sunglasses online


Wondering how these classic styles will look on you? All you need is your face close up picture handy. Optically has brilliantly engineered the Virtual Try On feature on their website that allows you to see virtually how all the frames on their catalog look on you! Just upload your picture and click on the Try On button placed on each frame style that you muse!

All this at your convenience without having a nosy sales staff breathing down your neck. So, hop online to optically.com.au and get your trendy prescription glasses delivered right at your doorstep!

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