Minimalist Designer Glasses Trends for 2018

Minimalist eyewear speak class and sophistication. From casual to formal, they can majorly help you change your look. They can add that just required glamour to your personality and wardrobe.

They are smart, precise and with Optically, they are also affordable.  If you have chosen minimalism as a way of living, minimalist eyewear is something you need to have.

When buying minimalist glasses online consumers often go for rimless frames but we are taking this up a notch. Minimalism gives everything a smart definition and if we talk about fashion, they very smartly define that as well.


The best thing about minimalist eyewear is the way they are designed. Mostly, when we shop for glasses online, well shaped and structured glasses is what we look for. Minimalist eyewear has a very precise design and uniform color which make them feel basic. Optically designer glasses collection has thin metal framed glasses that prove to be the very definition of minimalist glasses. A little addition of extra structure only adds to their beauty. Like in case of these Oxydo glasses. They are simple, minimal yet stylish. The little black at the corners does all the magic. At Optically, we always strive hard to bring you the best products. They come with a satisfaction guarantee and most affordable prices. You can explore the complete collection here.




Simple metal frames, both silver and gold top the list of consumer choices for minimalist glasses. No matter how the metal is structured, they still look minimal, smart and stylish. Optically has an exclusive collection of metal frames that will fulfill every minimalist’s need for fashion.The featured below frame by Safilo is neat, smart and something that can be called minimal. They look clear, feel light and serves your needs perfectly. It’s light arms and nose pads will fit your face so well, you won’t even realize you are wearing any glasses.





When talking about a minimalist’s choice of frames, you can never forget the basic black frames. They are designed for every attire, every occasion and every mood. Every glasses wearer needs this basic black frame. These black frames by Carrera are perfectly sized and designed for a minimalist’s requirement. You can wear it casually, formally and anywhere and anyhow you like.





Basic frames that are uni colored are game changers. They are minimal and standing on the edge of fashion. They are simply designed for a good fit and beautifully colored to fit your style. This frame from Safilo has a scatter of diamante along the arms that make these frames a hit and smooth finish offers a secure fit on the nose.




Optically’s designer glasses and prescription sunglasses collection has an exclusive set of frames that can fit a minimalist’s list with precision. Their clarity and simplicity is something that gets them in demand. You can explore Optically’s complete collection of minimalist glasses here. Don’t forget our offers!


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