How To Pick The Best Prescription Sunglasses For Golf?

Did you know? Robert Allenby, Australian born professional golfer was the first to sport polarized copper sunglasses on the course.

Golfers face all weathers when they are on the 18 hole court and the game is determined by the level of precision each player possesses.

A game of determination and athleticism, the sport of golf depends heavily on the accurate read of the course.

The right pair of prescription sunglasses are an absolute must to face all courses, be it woods, the open sun or the lake.

While there are golf specific prescription sunglasses available in the market easily, the price that they come at can be a hefty one to pay. With Optically you can get affordable designer glasses online that give you not only the comfortable grip but also a stylish look.


So, when it comes to selecting the perfect pair of prescription sunglasses for Golfing, here are things that you would not want to miss-

  1. The sunglasses must give you a full coverage on your eyes, so that your eyes are protected from the harmful UVA and UVB lights.
  2. The tint should be in an ideal brown, amber, rose or copper to give the right contrast that enhances the depth perception of the course.
  3. The prescription sunglasses must be of superior quality and light weight in nature to be comfortable durable while you focus on the game.

Here is why more than the shape the tint is crucial aspect:

The lighter the tint, the more clarity it will provide making you spot the ball easily on grass. Alternatively Polaroid lenses are a hit in the market right now.

And you wonder what shape must it be?

A wide, tall lens is perfect especially if you can get this in a rimless, as it removes any distraction while you see across any directions. A wider frame covers eyesight from all angles, thus solving the purpose of clarity and protection both easily.

What about the essentials apart from tint and frame?

Most prescription sunglasses today are equipped with a anti-scratch, anti-dust and anti-glare the three essentials that any golfer requires to give undivided attention to detail while battling the wear and tear of lenses.

Is there anything else I need to note?

Make sure that your prescription sunglasses have adjustable nose pads, that sit securely but adjust to your nose shape making it more comfortable. If your sunglasses have a rubber nose bridge, that’s the cherry on the cake to absorb sweat from the forehead- a classic retro adaptation!

Here are are some styles that you can sport while playing golf that meet all the above criteria, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Add these trendy and unconventional styles to your optical wardrobe :

gucci prescription sunglasses


esprit prescription sunglasses


carrera prescription sunglasses

Hop online to and shop for an amazing pair of designer sunglasses, to style your game in vogue!

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