How To Choose The Right Reading Glasses?

You were sitting at a fancy restaurant and realized that the menu you are trying to read isn’t clear anymore. Or you had just opened the morning newspaper and the fine print was blurrier than before.

Your eyesight is still good when you see distances, but you have understood that age has superseded your vision there is no escaping those daunting reading glasses.

Well fret no more! You might as well embrace the present and treat your beautiful eyes to an amazing, trendy prescription glasses frame!

There are so many colors, textures and shapes to choose from that regular prescription glasses aren’t so boring anymore!

With a DIY eyeglass necklace you are absolutely covered when it comes to style. Read about it here and don’t worry about losing your glasses.

At optically, we offer bifocal and varifocal lenses that incorporate two vision corrections in one single lens! Isn’t that awesome?

But if you prefer keeping your glasses separate, you can muse your eyes to a different design or shape!

Here are ways that you can select the absolute right pair of reading glasses for your need:

1. Frame Shape and Size:

For a smaller prescription, narrow lenses work well but for higher prescription go for lenses that are wider to allow the entire prescription to fit in well.

2. Face Type:

Is your face round, diamond or oval? The frame you pick must compliment your personality.

Here is a quick go to guide:

Round: Square or Rectangle wider than your face

Square: Oval or round glasses

Oval: Geometrical with a strong bridge

Heart: Round or Aviators

3. Colour:

Make sure you pick the colour of the frame as per your skin tone:

Warm Tone: If your skin reflects of yellow, bronze or brown then pastels may not be your best bet, neither will black or white. Instead pick tortoise shell, brown, gold or beige.

Cool Tone: If your skin reflects pink or blue undertones pick colors that don’t subdue your complexion and pick dark tortoise shell, olive green, mauve, purple or pink.

prescription glasses

4. Material:

Although acetate and plastic come in many color and texture varieties, metal is a more durable material to withstand any wear and tear. Especially titanium that is known to be the most tenacious metal being used in eyeglasses today. Both materials have their own peculiarities and it depends your personal preference and lifestyle that you may pick either.

5. Personality:

You personality reflects the lifestyle, work life and leisure activities that you do. You can go for the serious business types on weekdays and get fun loving on weekends. Are you adventurous or quirky? Chic or sassy?

6. Lenses and Protection:

High impact lenses, wafer thin lenses are both made of poly-carbonate and trivex, they are known for their lightweight nature and thin volume. Also get anti-reflective and anti scratch coating on your lenses to make them more durable.

Since readers are your constants you should treat your eyes to the trending affordable designer glasses online at . Shop now and you may end up getting two pairs in the price of one!

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