Prescription Glasses: For Men in Business

Ahoy! All the busy men hustling and bustling in their daily rut! Shuffling with meetings, presentations and conferences; you deserve the right pair of prescription glasses.

You are a busy man and have hardly given fashion trends a thought when it comes to your glasses. For you this necessity may often be overlooked as they have been with you for so long that you take them for granted!

You and your prescription glasses are in a committed relationship and your far comfortable in your regulars. Even though you might meet biggies in your industry, or have the cream meetups- you have made sure your glasses are your silent spectators.

They loyally stay in your pockets or bags waiting to style your eyes. And trust us, boy they do style and accentuate your personality completely.

A wall street guy in glasses can be drop dead gorgeous, and it’s this air that men in suits with glasses have around them! Phew! Difficult to not take a second glance if you see one!

So for all you busy men, overlooking fashion and in love with your regulars, here are some glasses that you must own to bring out your personality the best while complimenting your work style!

1) When half rimmed meets square with extended temples it creates sophistication and on trend glasses. The black upper rim with  thin metal arms in silver are delicately durable.

glasses online

2) Black in full rimmed has always been the classic pick for formals, but when you twist the frame shape in a rounded square with maroon underlay they denote fashion forward sensibility in a conventional style.

Prescription glasses

3) Retro inspired yet urban in outlook, these thin metal glasses are your bold go to and can be perfect for your readers or an alternate look pair. The teardrop temple tips fit securely and the minimalist nature exudes class.

Eyeglasses Online

4) Rimless is a classic pick for your official needs. The frame is mature, sophisticated and the golden titanium finish adds the necessary oomph.

rimless glasses

5) Instead of the conventional round glasses pick these angular rounded glasses in navy matte with double studs at the temples. It is elegant in the streamlined make for everyday use.

full rimmed glasses

Remember fellas, while you dress in monochromatics, your eyewear must style your attitude and turn heads because that’s what you can be innovative with if not your work wear!

So, what are you waiting for, hop online to and get these affordable designer glasses online now!

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