How To Make Your Own Eyeglasses case/stand?

You and your prescription glasses make an inseparable duo, add on your favourite sunglasses to it and that’s a perfect trio!

You love the fact that they not only clear your vision but also enhance your daily experiences. That is why perhaps you like experimenting with different frame styles.

The colours, textures and the shapes are so many when it comes to prescription glasses and sunglasses that you easily end up owning more than two!

When you got yourself affordable designer glasses online, they came in classy cases to store them. Those are the cases you can carry around in your bags.

But how do you creatively store them at home? Like pepping up your dresser or even wardrobe?

We have 3 DIY ways that you can create your own eyeglasses or even sunglasses cases and stands!


The Bottle Way:

Next time you buy yourself water, don’t throw away the bottle! This is how you make one into a stand:

  1. Cut the 1 ltr bottle in half
  2. Use coloured or textured tape to create a unique design on the half without the cap
  3. You can also use stickers and beads to cover the plastic
  4. Cover the edge of the cut out plastic in tape as well
  5. You can also use fur and fabric to cover it up

That’s all! Your stand is ready!


eyeglasses stand


Reuse Toilet Rolls :

When did we think those cardboards could be used, well here is how you can now!

  1. Use two toilet rolls, one smaller that slides into the other bigger
  2. Cover with craft paper and use marker/stick on beads at the edges
  3. Cut out left cover roll into a circle that covers both the ends and forms base
  4. You can also detail with fabric

Voila! Your slip in case is ready!


Stitch it Up! :

  1. Get two pieces of fabric 8 inches X 9 inches
  2. Get a inner foam 8 inches X 7 inches
  3. Place one fabric upside down and place the in foam- iron over it to fuse in- stitch around to fix.
  4. Place the other fabric on top of the in foam straight up- fuse it in
  5. Back stitch and stitch over all the edges leaving one wide opening for glasses to go in
  6. Turn the made item inside out and smooth out the creases
  7. Fold diagonally and stitch out the edge including the corners of the opening
  8. Turn it inside out


Your glasses cloth case is set to go!

Hop online to and shop for latest designer glasses to fill your creative sacks up!

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