How To Use the “Try On” Feature For The Best Pick?

In the arena of optical industry, the ever changing trends bring new designs to the podium that are innovative and tempting to be tried on. When you are a regular prescription wearer you cannot imagine being without your glasses. That means you must have glasses that are fashionable yet durable.

You often have a spare pair, just in case you break your regular one, and perhaps even go a step and own more than two- to style your wardrobe well at different occasions.

Designers are going absolute gaga over the demand of consumers for prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses and innovating different textures, combinations and shapes in frame styles.

With the plethora of options available when you shop for glasses online you wonder how can you pick the right frame for your immediate sense of cool! Even the lenses options are varied to suit your immediate needs. From photochromic to UV protected to tinted.

Know how you can make  a wise choice especially when looking to buy affordable designer glasses by using our Try On feature that validates your purchase without having to physically try out different frames at several stores.

Step 1: Log online to

Step 2: Choose the options from the top bar of kind of frames you are looking for

Eg: New Arrivals, Designer Glasses or Designer sunglasses

You can even select from mens or womens glasses and a variety of frames will fill up the browser.

Step 3: When you move your cursor along any frame, below the image you see the second option as Try On

Step 4: Click on the Try On button

Try on

Step 5: You will see a default close-up image of a model and at the header a camera button.


Step 6: Click on the header camera line

Step 7: Upload a picture from your computer drive or click an instant picture from your webcam.

Try your glasses

Tip: Ensure its a close up portrait

Step 8: Resize the image with the help of left and right arrows or select the four faced arrows at the bottom of the uploaded pic.

Glasses online

Step 9: You can adjust, delete, zoom in the image till it can fit the selected glasses.

prescription glasses

This image is now a default till you end your browsing session. You can now try out multiple frames to see how each can compliment your personality.

The image defaults to any frame you click on making your shopping experience easier with an enabled fitting ability!

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