Best Designer Eyewear Styles of The Season

There is no better time than the new season to gift yourself a new pair of eyeglasses, sunglasses or prescription sunglasses. Eyewear is inarguably one of the most important accessories we walk out the door each morning. It is one of the best accessories that not just helps you correct your eyesight but also prevents them from the harmful UV rays. Moreover, its a great fashion accessories that can be useful to enhance your outfit.

In this blog, we have picked our favorite style from our best selling brands to highlight the trending fashion of this season. Scroll down to find some of our exciting eyeglasses collections.


1. Unique Patterns frame :


Glasses Frames

It’s time to take a break from buying frame colors that simply goes with everything. Instead, select a frame with flattering patterns or unique color palette. You can now be sure of finding men’s eyeglass frames and women’s eyeglass frames in the unique color, patterns, and shapes.

Check out our Colours Collection of designer eyeglasses frames. All the frames are bold and beautiful to make a unusual style statement.


2. Golden frames :

Prescription Glasses

Golden eyeglasses are an classic style for an extraordinary look. It adds a minimal look to your face by embracing the trend of slim and metallic frames in reading eyeglasses. You can select frames with different shades of gold for a sophisticated look and preferably round eyeglasses are the most popular design in gold frame eyeglasses. You can also get these frames in rimless, full-rimmed and semi-rimmed.


3. Acetate frames :

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Acetate eyeglasses frames are sturdy & durable it is a classic and a unique material used to make glass frames. You can find these eyeglasses in various design, patterns, shapes, and size; tortoiseshell frames, wooden-inspired frames, bold color frames are among the popular styles. Prescription glasses made using acetate are durable and light-weight.


4. Dual Shade Eyeglasses :

Glasses Online

Tired of wearing the same color all the time and looking forward to upgrading your spectacles with a quirky style. Look different and enjoy wearing the trendy dual shade eyeglasses. These dual shades glasses frames are available in square frames, cat-eyes frames, and retro square frames.

At Optically Australia, you’ll find the most trending collection of glasses online for men and women. By top brands like Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Benetton, Fendi, Lacoste, Skechers, HangTen, Harbourlife, etc. All the designer frame are available in different shapes and sizes with innovative designs and style.



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