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When it comes to buying prescription glasses and sunglasses, Optically is the name you want to trust. We have a wide range available online as well as in our showroom in Bondi Junction, Sydney. This easy step by step guide will help you get your best glasses at Optically. Let the shopping begin.

Browse, Select, Try On

With over 3000 latest styles of prescription glasses and sunglasses available, browsing for your favorite glasses will nothing less than fun. At Optically, you don’t have to worry about what style and shape will suit your face. We have made this really simple for you with our ‘try on’ feature. When you start browsing through our range of prescription glasses online, all you need to do is, take a close up picture, just like a passport size one (with a white background please) in one easy click and you will be ready to experience the magic! Our virtual trial software enables you to try our entire range of prescription glasses online with just one picture! You can select a frame that suits you perfectly and even finalise it with little help from family and friends. Sounds easy? Well, the fun is yet to begin.

Customise and Finalise

Once you’ve selected your frame, you need to select the usage for your new prescription glasses. If you plan to use your glasses for everything including driving, reading and watching television then you need to select ‘distance’ and if you plan only for reading purposes then you can select ‘reading use’. For more efficient usage you also have the options of making your glasses bifocal and multifocal. Bifocal and Multifocal lenses use the top half of the lenses for distance use and the D shaped area or the bottom half (in the case of executive bifocals) for reading use. Multifocal lenses use the bottom half for reading use and the good part is there is no visible line on the lenses that demarcates the distance and reading use. This makes multifocal lenses look like single vision lenses. Bifocal and multifocal lenses are usually recommended over the age of 40 if one has a separate prescription for distance and reading use.

Payment and happy wait!

The third and the final step after you have selected your lens usage, is to enter your prescription or just upload it in the form of an image or a pdf file. You can also call our customer services team for any help or advice you may need. You can also use your prescription glasses as sunglasses by adding a color tint to your lens and even make them polarised. You can pay for your prescription glasses online via PayPal in one simple step. Remember, we are the only online glasses retailers to offer glasses on home trial basis. Isn’t that something you are excited to try? If not, you can always visit our showroom in Sydney and buy your prescription glasses from us. We also offer a 24 hours dispatch service for all prescription glasses and sunglasses ordered online. You can explore this on our Next day dispatch section.

Isn’t this the simplest way to buy prescription glasses and sunglasses online? Our only motive has always been to deliver the best glasses and make your shopping experience satisfying.  So, go ahead and order for your prescription glasses online in Australia today!


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