How To Choose The Right Colour For Your Prescription Glasses?

Being a prescription glasses holder brings you the joy of experimenting with different kind of frames. With a splendid variety available in textures, designs and styles you wish you could own several types of frames to play with in your optical wardrobe.

You have already found comfort in the classic black or grey that make perfect regulars and that match any outfit to done regardless of any occasion. Besides you have been following upcoming trends in eye-wear and are noticing the steady rise in the use of vibrant colors in glasses frames and prescription lenses.

With celebrities styling colors and textures effortlessly you couldn’t have wanted to experiment with these more!

We have compiled a simple guide for you to make sure you pick the right colour for your frames that not just accentuate your personality but also bring out the best of your features.

1)Your Skin Tone :

Identify the shade of your skin- medium, light or dark as the right combination will compliment your natural look. The colour should be contrasting to your skin tone- either darker or lighter than your natural to make the right fit.

Tortoise shell glasses suit all skin tones.

Lighter Skin: Go for saturated hues in brown or tortoise shell, even bold colours like red, pink and purple and avoid light colours like blue. Even a cool beige would work best.

Medium Skin: Go for green undertones, like jewel tones, rich green, gold or even a dark black or grey and avoid darker hues or matte hues.

Dark Skin: Go for purple, blue, black, grey and gold toned greens, even clear or beige would work well but avoid bright colors instead go for warmer ones.

Clear Glasses2) Your Work


It is important that you dress appropriately for the culture your work demands. Going for bright pinks, yellows when you are in an official set-up is a strict no no. Even if you work in a casual environment go for glasses that mellow your skin and match your wardrobe.

Pastels, Beige, Dark Black or Grey, even clear, Deep red or magenta can be a good option to wear to work.


3) Your Age

We say we never grow old, but our face and skin does and it is important that just as we evolve our wardrobe with our age, we must also evolve our optical sense.

Choose colors that compliment your personality, you can go for bold colors to bring out the fun in yourself, or matte for a serious reader, even a classic tortoise shell works best.

Choose shapes like cat-eye or oversized instead of experimenting with colors.

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