2018 Trends – Round Sunglasses & Glasses

Round Sunglasses or Round Frames are genuinely a blockbuster eyewear trend that has embraced the eyewear fashion industry. These round shaped eyewear give off a cool, trendy-meets-vintage vibe. Round eyewear style is one of the most popular eyewear styles in the world for years. Round Sunglasses are more in vogue now than ever, that means a lot of style variations have been created and have taken many forms and shapes, each of them adapted to different trends.

Round sunglasses are in style now more than ever, so that means a lot of style variations have been created and have taken many forms and shapes, each of them adapted to different trends.

This blog we have got you different styles of round-shaped sunglasses and round eyeglasses frames.

Before buying a round pair of sunglasses, ensure that its a good fit for your face. This is an essential step since round sunglasses do not fit everybody the same. The best face shape for round sunglasses is a square face shape, and regardless of the gender round sunglasses work best for both men & women.

A) Metallic Round Sunglasses/Eyeglasses

Metal is a classic metal used to make round sunglasses designs. This style consists of slim or thin metal wire frame that makes the frame lightweight, durable and striking and available in many colors.

full rimmed cat eye sunglasses

This elegant full-rimmed sunglasses by Marc Jacobs reflects the latest trends in contemporary designer eyewear. Its carefully crafted shape makes it a perfect choice for all those fashion-conscious women. The metal frame is lightweight and comfortable to wear; you will barely feel that you are wearing them. It is both robust and classy. The retro twist offers the frame personality and an iconic look.

safilo lightweight frame

This is a simple and a sophisticated pair of everyday eyeglasses by Safilo. The frame is made using light-weight titanium, giving it an elegant finish with flexible arms and plastic arm tips. This full-rimmed frame has a soft adjustable nose pad for all day long use.

B) Clip- Round Sunglasses /Eyeglasses

The Clip-on Sunglasses are praised for their practicality and innovative design. If you find yourself in need of switching between glasses and shades, than this is the stylish frames you must choose.

carrera sunglasses

This is a timeless vintage style Carrera Sunglasses with clip-on. This sunglass is more classic because of interesting color pattern, metal frames, and design. The main frame is a metal frame with colorful pattern clip-on sunglasses lenses. You can reglaze the clear set of lenses with prescription lenses. It’s a round glasses frame that packs attachable round sunglasses lenses. You can get the best of both the styles in one very cool frame.

C) Vintage Round Sunglasses/Eyeglasses

All the vintage style sunglasses are making a major comeback so if you are planning to update your eyewear collection, you might want to try a tested style. Even though it is a simple frame style, these sunglasses will not let you go unnoticed.

hugo boss sunglasses

This unisex dual shade vintage style sunglasses are completely made of plastic. This sunglasses style is light, comfortable and gives you promising look and style.

full rimmed eyeglasses

The bold black full-rimmed eyeglasses frame by Oxydo is one of the top eyewear style available in the market for a very long time. You can style these style of eyeglasses as per your look and mood; it gives you maximum space to experiment with your style.

D) Cat-Eye Rounded Sunglasses /Eyeglasses

We saved the last spot on our list of the most iconic eyewear styles of all time. Cat-eye sunglasses/ eyeglasses are undoubtedly the most stylish and the most preferred eyewear style accessory by many. The combination of round lens and cat-eye frames is glamorous and daring.

Fendi Sunglasses

Cateye Sunglasses in White and Tortoise is one of the hottest collection by Fendi. These Rounded Cat-eye Sunglasses are designed for every fashion lover who loves showing their quirky side. There super elegant & stylish sunglasses are the best frames and like no other style.

prescription glasses

This is a daring oversized round lens Cat-eye eyeglasses frames which is an ultimate chic and edgy eyewear style. This unisex eyeglasses style will not just add style to your face but to your overall personality.

Other popular styles include; Flat top brow bar round eyewear, Clear frame eyewear, Oversized rounded eyewear, Tortoiseshell rounded eyewear and many more. Rounded sunglasses or rounded eyeglasses are a fun and stylish accessories that will add so much to your overall style and personality. Check out Optically Australia for the most trending prescription glasses, sunglasses, and prescription sunglasses collection of the season.

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