How to Pick Glasses for a Busy Mom?

Motherhood ushers the journey of overwhelming joy and responsibility. For both no matter how much you have planned, the new occurrences are not the anticipated ones.

You seem to be shuttling more than often with responsibilities of the kitchen, home and work. Kids seems to have filled more than your plate can handle.

You are independent, opinionated and a well carved individual. You take ownership of all the consequences of your decisions.

As a mother, regardless of your busy schedule, you love dressing up and your wardrobe has never been behind in trends.

You make sure you invest in the right luxuries and apt discounts to keep your wardrobe in vogue. Even when it is your optical wardrobe!

With kids growing up and grabbing things, even your prescription glasses, you want to make sure of these 3 things when you pick out a nice pair of affordable designer glasses.

  1. Shape: Wide Rectangle, Oversized

Since hold a prescription, your glasses must be fitted properly for all the hustle and bustle that you do. Wide Glasses will give you higher vision periphery coverage even if your child keeps tugging on it!

     2. Material: Acetate

Acetate is lightweight, durable and stylish as it can imbibe different textures, they work to be comfortable to wear all day long and fashionable to style with.

glasses for women

        3. Colour: Basic

Black, Grey and Clear are classic colours to team up with almost anything in your wardrobe. Be it for work, an evening event, an outing or going at the play pen. You can go for jeans to formal to dress without worrying about your eyewear.

       4. Cost: Economical

You need a pair that is cost-effective to be able to replace immediately without worrying about changing your style, plus is in vogue, hence a designer is a must.

affordable designer glasses

At you can get affordable designer glasses in creative varieties that compliment your ensemble and your personality. Not to forget that time is a crux when you are a mother and pondering over your eyewear is the last thing you want!

Use the Try On feature with us by checking how the recommended frames look on your close up picture, select the type of lenses you want and your beloved pair will be delivered at your doorstep!

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