Hairstyles For Your Glasses!

We have been so particular about our eye-make up when we wear prescription glasses but have we wondered if our mane does justice to them?

You have carefully picked out your perfect pair of glasses and you want to make sure you done them right.

We have all seen Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart flaunting away their eyewear and hairstyle effortlessly and want to strut the same.

We make sure the outfit matches the event or occasion, and every accessory is styled keeping that in mind. Even our glasses are picked thinking about the versatility!

We have compiled below for your hairstyles that will perfectly go with your prescription glasses. So next time you decide to get ready make sure you factor in time to style your hair like below.

  1. Bangs :

Bangs and Glasses make a cute combo. Plus for people who are used to wearing the hair in middle parting may realise this is the best bet.

Soft bangs that are set inwards, or razor bangs that fall flat on the forehead, even the slightly long bangs that cover your glasses temples work best as they not only accentuate your eyewear but more so your eyes.

Frames: Cat-eye, Rectangle (wide)


     2. Bob :

The Bob is here to stay and is the perfect companion for short hair lovers. Individualistic in nature and independent it comes in varying degrees depending on how you set it.

You can have a scooped in, or layered that you can leave open wide. Even if you tame it straight, let it fall lose on your face.

Frames: Round, Oval

Round glasses

     3. Wavy :

Long hair works best in waves and layers, and is the most versatile style to wear different glasses.

Since usually long, you can even style them in a upswept bun, or braid or a ponytail and even more. Set it in a side parting or middle, they will outline your glasses and your face.

Frames: Aviator, Oversized, Square

aviator glasses

    4. Pixie :

Fun and flirty pixie is a statement you make, hence your glasses need to be creative to compliment the same.
You can experiment with colour, shape or texture for the wacky look. If not, even the regular styles

Frames: Cat-eye, Oval, Rectangle

cat eye glasses

   5. Curls :

Sophisticated curls that are tamed well, moussed and tossed to fall elegantly not just accentuate your face cut but also your eyes.

Even if you tie them up in messy knot and let the front out astray, the dominate your temples.

Frames: Round, Horn rimmed

tortoiseshell glasses

    6. Colour :

Go boho, or blonde, ombre or neon- regardless of the colour you choose your glasses must blend perfectly with them.

Too much of texture can take attention away from your hair, go for the classic black or clear to match your changing hair colour if your remain experimental.

Frames: Experimental, Black

Black frame

You hair just like your glasses defines your style, defines who you are.

Try out different hairstyles keeping the best suited eyeglass frames, and if you haven’t got the perfect pair shop online at and get your affordable designer glasses today!

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