Rimless Frames – The Next Popular Eyewear Style

We all will agree that the fashion trend is never constant, as it frequently keeps on changes and adopting new styles. If you think your personality is characterized by attributes such as simple, neat and articulate then rimless frame is undoubtedly your style. Rimless frames have become an accessory that exhibits itself as a style statement.

Moreover, if you want your frames to go unnoticed so that the focus stays on your face, these rimless glasses are perfect for you. Rimless eyeglasses are classic and sleek to wear which makes you wonder if you are wearing glasses at all. Rimless glasses will make you feel light, comfortable and trouble-free.

They are usually flexible and delicate to use. Hence, need to be handled with care. It is a trendy choice among individuals who prefer wearing eyeglasses all the time.

These types of lenses are built in with extra support with the temples for anchoring them properly for durability, but they need to be adjusted from time to time. No doubt that rimless glasses make you look attractive in comparison to other traditional frames as they are lightweight, comfortable and nearly invisible.

round rimless frame

Apart from being a trending eyeglass frame, rimless glasses brings out a more mature aspect in you by making you feel more confident while wearing them.

Apart from being a trending glasses frame, rimless glasses brings out a more mature aspect in you by making you feel more confident while wearing them.

Interesting facts about rimless frames:

  1. Rimless glasses are inspired by the old they were the first choice optically and are still quite popular today.
  2. They are frame less, and it consists of two temples and a nose bridge, which are screwed onto the two pieces of the lens to give it a frame less look that we all admire.
  3. Rimless eyeglass is for everyone, individuals who have strong prescriptions can opt for rimless glasses in different lens shape and size.
  4. Rimless glasses come with superior scratch free characteristics and also have reinforced impact resistance.

Check out our classic pair of lightweight rimless men’s glasses and women’s glasses online at Optically Australia from our latest collection.

rectangle rimless frame

Our most subtle rimless frame collection includes titanium and metal, they are available in several colors and shapes. It is a highly recommended frame if you are looking to leave a spare at the office for computer or reading.


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