Glasses Of The Month: Top Picks

The eyewear landscape is evolving at a fast pace and styles are getting trendier by the day. We can choose from a variety of frames and the options are endless.

From colours in palettes of bright and mellow, to shapes of geometrical and square, even the textures are now experimental.

Everyone is looking to own a fine pair that is versatile to style and economical in cost. Whether they are spectacles or sunnies we don’t own just one pair anymore.

Our eyewear collection is updated by the year as the perfect pair of glasses just gives you the right sense of cool.

Sunnies have become our inseparable mates. We want to done them right at every mood, occasion and event. Protecting our eyes couldn’t have been more in vogue!

Have a look at our best sellers this month that have highlighted peoples eyes effortlessly!

  1. Wayfarers:

The classic rectangle style introduced in the 1950’s has remained an all time favourite pick. They have suited many faces and continue to do so thus gaining iconic popularity through times. They have changed frame style and sizes but continue to dominate the sunnies domain. The wide rectangles got adapted into prescription glasses as well.

Wayfarer Sunglasses and glasses

      2. Aviators:

An army air force requirement soon became the must haves in wardrobe. With its classic broad bottom and increased eye coverage, they supported gradient tints that worked effectively to block sun while keeping vision clearer as compared to the dark glasses.

Aviator sunglasses and glasses

3. Cat-Eye:

A feline elegance in the upswept angles is fashionable and creative.They are fun, flirty and feminine expressing personalities.

sunglasses and glasses

     4. Round:

Famously known as John Lennon glasses, they have adapted into various sizes and even designed into acetate for the modern touch. They have a retro touch with a fashionable sense. These are must have for fashion followers.

round glasses and sunglasses

       5. Clear:

Inspired through vintage trends, the classic translucent frames in wide rectangle have now adapted into other shapes as well. They are the perfect statement makers, the chic geek of the season.

glasses online


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