3 Reasons Why You Need Aviators Today!

Spring or Summer, Autumn or Winter- Sunglasses have become the trendiest must haves every season. You cannot imagine stepping out of your house without them!

They define your personality by accentuating your features and complimenting your wardrobe. Picking the right pair of sunglasses is not just a matter of style but your attitude as well.

Amongst the various frames available in textures like tortoise-shell, clear and matte to various shapes like cat-eye, wayfarers and oval, to various colour palettes like earthy hues, deep purples and sunset pinks and many more designs to choose from, you wonder how can you rightfully make a good pick!

You optical wardrobe is mix of styles that can go chic, elegant, quirky, wacky and sophisticated in one change of attire!

Your designer sunglasses must be versatile enough to compliment your different moods. While you can own or already do more than one pair of prescription sunglasses, there is always one special, your very own never go wrong pair!

You must pick the fashion staples if you are casual, classic yet edgy- Go for the Aviators.

Originally made by Ray Ban, for the Army Air Corps the vintage style of broad top and narrowing bottom for a wider vision spectrum and protection from glare.

Aviators earlier had the brow bar, which was rubber or leather- this was an upgrade to the original style. The brow bar used to absorb sweat making vision obstruction free

1. Fashion:

Aviators can never go out of style. These chic glasses are always on the eyewear fashion charts. Celebrities are seen wearing them regularly and even at gala events like the red carpets.

aviators for women

A trend rocketed by Tom Cruise is now trending as the sporty, sexy look everyone wishes to style. Designers are now working around various aviator frame styles to oomph the regular. An aviator makes your first love in sunglasses!

2. Versatile:

The metal body in tinted or gradient glasses that was the original make is now adapted into reflectors and mirror glasses for enhanced style.

Aviator Sunglasses

The frame shape and style is vibrant, subtle and sophisticated in your optical wardrobe.

3. Classic:

The pair is a one stop solution to your fashion qualms.It is the classic style statement maker that compliments almost everything in your wardrobe. This one style has been with us since the advent of sunglasses and is here to stay!

aviators for men

You can wear it to brunch, to shop, at an event, party or your weekend getaway.

You can now reglaze your prescription glasses into your aviators and style them stress free in any weather. To choose multiple of frame to match your trendy ensemble log onto optically.com.au now and get your affordable designer pair dispatched within 24 hrs!

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