5 Stylish Pair Of Travel Sunglasses Forever

Amongst all your travel gear and accessory, one thing hardly anyone misses is their Sunglasses. Sunglasses is a must have whether you go for diving in the ocean, hiking in the mountains, biking on the rough paths, sunbathing on the beach, surfing on the waves, or strolling around the city markets and streets.

Sunglasses are not just a popular fashion accessory, but it requires some special features to keep up with you on the vacation. UV-protecting lenses, anti-scratch, and polarized are a must have, other than this they need to be lightweight, durable and cost effective (to avoid the pain if you lose them).

Here is our top pick of sunglasses to travel with;

1. HUGO BOSS round sunglasses

round sunglasses

These are the best travel sunglasses, Hugo Boss makes an unbreakable pair of travel sunglasses with anti-glare and UV protective lenses. Thanks to the polymer frame material, you can drop them, bend them, or throw them at the bottom of your backpack; this pair of travel sunglasses won’t break or scratch.

2. Classic Aviators by ESPRIT

Aviators Sunglasses

ESPRIT classic, aviator-style sunglasses are one of the best sunglasses for travel because of their lightweight frames and comfortable fit. These unisex travel sunglasses have polarized lenses, comfy nose pads, and include prescription sunglasses option.

3. Wayfarer Style CARRERA

Carrera Sunglasses

Their slightly oversized style covers the tops and bottoms of your eyes. This particular style by Carrera looks flattering for all face shapes and is super lightweight. The unisex style comes with 100% UV-protective layer, or you can transform it into prescription sunglasses.

4. Tortoiseshell D-shaped Sunglasses by GUCCI

Gucci sunglasses

D-shaped sunglasses will really enhance every look bringing a glamorous retro vibe to your outfit. Tortoiseshell Sunglasses pattern is trending all over the eyewear fashion industry. This oversize D-shaped sunglasses gives full coverage and prevents your UV rays and other dust particles.

5. MUNICH Brow Bar Wooden Frame Sunglasses

Stylish sunglasses

The brow bar sunglasses  is typically spotted on aviator styles, but this summer, it’s making an appearance on all types of silhouettes. The classic-cool shape and metal brow bar play perfectly to create these so-hot frames by Munich that stands out in the sun.

For great travel experience, carrying a good pair of sturdy sunglasses with polarised and UV protected lenses. Check out our collection of sturdy sunglasses that are stylish and forever.

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