Sunglasses In The Sand: My Story

I was lying on the golden warm sand, with the sun shining on my face, It was hot and my arms were glistening in the heat.

I lay on the same spot watching the waves countless times, each time creating spiral stories on the white sand, bringing in shells, stones and I think I even saw a starfish for a moment!

I watched couples hold hands while they wet their feet taking in the summer sheen, children who build sand castles giggling hysterically and youngsters mocking each other while drinking down their beers.

I lay there long enough to see the sun gradually beginning to set. The sand was now bothering my glasses, the heat made it stick on.

I was worried as with the high tide, the waves would soon wash me over. I wondered how nobody noticed me lying at the same place for so long.

Not even my owner? I remember the day when I was being photographed for the catalogue. I was freshly shipped from Asia, I was polished, my metal arms freshly cleaned, my cat-eye body in tortoise shell with Gucci embossed next to my ear.

I was placed in the prime cabinet on a velvet cushion with other pals, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Hugo Boss and Marc Jacobs and being ready to be shot.

I loved being in the spotlight, with the cameraman clicking in angles, trying to get my perfect picture! I was then placed into a well lit warehouse in secured cabinets.

My photograph and details were soon online at waiting for customers to purchase me! Everyday I hoped to be bought and go to my new found home, where I could belong forever.

Just last weekend, I remember one of the employees taking me out of the cabinet, putting me in my leather case, carefully packing me and sending me off to a town I never heard off!

When the box was opened I saw a young girl squeal in delight as she looked at me. I knew this was home.

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Since then, I was her favourite pair of prescription sunnies! She never left home without me. When she did take me off, I sat comfortably in her bag.

Today, she planned a beach party with her friends and I knew I would be the spotlight! Her friends wanted to try on her brand new prescription glasses and she lovingly flaunted me away!

Little did she know, that in the chaos, I would slip off from her open tote and fall straight onto the sand while she continued trotting away!

I watched as she walked away, waiting, hoping for her to turn, for her to check her tote, for her to come back and get me!

But here I lay, hoping to be picked up again.

I remembered and the comfortable cabinet, my friends- womens glasses, my velvet cushion where I could make new friends every week. Some rimless, some full rimmed some even acetate; designer labels in titanium frames.

Now I stare in the dipping horizon, wondering whether you would hop online for cheap designer eyeglasses to be delivered at your doorstep but make sure you know where they are!

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