Tortoiseshell Glasses: Why They Are Topping Fashion Charts!

Sunglasses make a great fashion accessory bringing out the best of your selected outfits. You now style as per occasion, or location or even trending designers. You are no longer bound by your prescription glasses as you can get those prescriptions into sunglasses style that you desire in frames that are rimmed, rimless and semi rimmed glasses.

While you are contemplating your first pair and deciding which style will compliment you best, there is one design that refuses to go out of style, that is the tortoiseshell glasses. You can never go wrong with these.

full rimmed frames

They are the perfect blend of brown and black, with a hint of grey giving you the perfect glossy look to match anything in your wardrobe.If you don’t want to go too dark with black bulky frames, or too light with clear glasses then tortoise shell is your best bet.

These are ones you can add to your regular wears and style it in any season or occasion. They look good with dresses, pants, suits and pyjamas at the same time. You can wear them for your date night, or when out at the pub or even to grab your morning coffee.

tortoiseshell full rimmed frames

We have seen all our favourite celebrities donning tortoiseshell glasses sometime or the other. Robert Downey Jr, Matt Bomer, Anne Hathaway and Cate Blanchett have famously styled the tortoiseshell prescription glasses around the city and events while correcting their vision.

If you are the calculative one considering going for your first designer glasses, then you can select tortoise shell frames without any more adieu. They are usually made in plastic and acetate, meaning they are durable and economical.

carrera full rimmed frames

You can select this texture in rectangular, square and even round frames with the amount of gradient that you require. You can get these for your prescription glasses and your sunglasses both.

jimmy choo full rimmed frames

Some tortoiseshell frames also have a hint of gold, for the added oomph. The classic horn rimmed frame can give you the sophisticated geek look. Since they are adopted in different frame types they are versatile in the looks they provide. Designers are now mixing and matching them with different colour hues for the experimental audience.

 marc jacobs full rimmed frames

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