Retro Vintage Style Prescription Sunglasses Collection For You

Old is the new fashion forward this season.

The classic Retro Vintage style sunglasses have become hotter like never before. Most of the designer frames collection is inspired from the 80’s, 70’s & 60’s. The existence of these iconic collections even today proves that they are the most enduring eyewear trends ever.

If you are looking stylish prescription sunglasses or just want to experiment with your look with an extra pair of designer glasses, Optically Australia has the best retro eyewear collection in men’s glasses and women’s glasses.

Check out and get inspired with some of our retro style sunglasses collection.

1. Round Sunglasses

round sunglasses

These John Lennon inspired round sunglasses have repeatedly been in fashion and are making a strong comeback right now. A right pair of round sunglasses can add variety to your wardrobe and styling goals. There diverse style and unique shape set you apart from others. Round sunglasses are featured with colourful tints, wide-futuristic bridges, and frames with different material.

Buy your pair of Retro Vintage style prescription glasses online today.

2. Wayfarers

wayfarer sunglasses

Every season, different fashion house come up with their new styles and shapes for eyewear. However, some iconic eyewear shapes are forever and that never went off on the fashion radar.

Wayfarer is one of the timeless variant that we have on our list. Its distinct shaped-cornered frame makes it the most-loved unisex style choice among other eyewear. Wayfarer style frames are available in multiple-colors, half-rim, and patterned; tortoiseshell sunglasses are among the favorites to list for many.

Check out our exclusive range of wayfarer style designer glasses by Gucci, Carrera, Boss, Fendi and many more.

3. Geek Chic

prescription sunnies online

Unlike the other popular frames styled in the past, the 80’s was responsible for making some of the awful fashion crimes. The Vintage style geek chic look was one of them, which is back in fashion with interesting shapes, prints, pattern and colored plastic in cat-eye frames, tortoiseshell frames, and oversized frames.

4. Aviators

Prescription sunglasses online

Aviators have been in fashion since 1930’s and nothing can ever compete with the classic aviators. Over the years they have evolved in a range of shapes, styles and finishes. Aviators styles glasses are characterised by thin metal frame, dark lenses, and a double or a triple bridge design. The best past about aviators is its versatility, you can easily find a perfect pair that fits your shape and personal style. These are the best kindly of eyewear that can be easily transformed into prescription sunglasses.

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