3 Black Essentials Under $100!

No matter how many colors we add to our wardrobe and accessories, we cannot get enough of black. At some in time black has dominated all our choices. If you are a glasses wearer you will very understand the power and class a black color frame holds. We might have blues, pinks and reds as our secondary options but black, is a must have. So, we bring you the 3 essential black frames every man and woman needs to have and all priced under $100. Sounds interesting enough?  These frames can be made into simple black eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses as well. So, the next time you decide to shop for glasses online, you know what to pick.

Simple Black
These simple rectangular full rimmed black frames gives you a perfect nerdy yet classy look.You can never go wrong with this one. And the price? This beautiful frame comes for an unbelievable price of just $19. This frame is a must must must have for all the glasses wearers.

The Not So Simple Black
The two frames featured in this section are the second choice in your black collection. These are for the times when you do not want to look too simple and add a little smartness to your style. For all you beautiful women, we have a classic Weldon black cateye priced just for $88 and for all the handsome men we have a fully rimmed black brow bar Jorgio frame to give you that ‘He’s got something’ look. This lovely frame comes only for $65.

The Black Sunglasses
You cannot go ahead without these perfect frames for your sunglasses. You can any color tints, protective lens and customize it to your prescription. We have here an all black Weldon pilots for $88 for women and again a Weldon solid rimmed black big square ones for $65 for men.

We handpicked these frame for you to suit all your need but, all the frames can used by both men and women. That the beauty of these frames. Along with these you can also shop for designer frames and all exclusive women’s glasses and men’s glasses. You can customize them with all you want. So, if your wardrobe is still lacking a black or haven’t dared to go for one yet, you gotta take them hope. With all our love, Happy Shopping!

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