Clark Kent Eyeglasses!

Superman is everyone’s favourite amongst the clan of superheroes. This big blue boy scout has won hearts of many. From Kirk Alyn to George Reeves to Henry Cavill, the role of Superman has been recast since then. And all these actors have played the role with complete justice. There is one more side to Superman, his identity as ‘Clark Kent’ and the best thing he used to play this character in disguise, are his eyeglasses. Yes, there is something about Clark Kent’s glasses that have evolved over the period.

Be it prescription glasses or regular glasses, Clark Kent made sure he looks the best just to mix up with ordinary people and keep the superhero powers under control. Let’s take a look at Clark Kent’s designer glasses that made him look stylish always and helped him impress his lover Lois!

1. Kirk Alyn

men in round glasses

Kirk Alyn was the first actor who gave birth to Superman in action in 1948. While he was Clark Kent, he wore the wired round frames, which made him look intellectual and smart. Take a look at the closest match we have from Safilo glasses collection!

2. George Reeves

men in tortoiseshell glasses

Starred in 1950’s in the TV series ‘Adventures Of Superman’ George Reeves is styled with round tortoiseshell frames. The tortoiseshell glasses have made a long way in the world of fashion. Check out the frames of such type from our Weldon glasses collection!

3. Christopher Reeve

men in glasses frames

Christopher Reeve starred in the movie ‘Superman’  in 1978 and won the BAFTA award for the same. This actor has donned large frame glasses in utter style and panache. Check the Weldon 001 glasses from our range of designer glasses for men!

4. Dean Cain

men in semi rimmed glasses

This actor played the role of Superman and Clark Kent in the famous TV series ‘Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman’ in 1993. How could Lois resist Clark with his designer eyeglasses? In this series, semi-rimmed glasses were the pick for Clark Kent. Check the semi-rimmed frames similar with Dean Cain’s in Superman!

5. Tom Welling

full-rimmed glasses

Tom Welling played Superman in the popular drama called Smallville. Clark in this is styled up with a pair of rectangular frames. The black full-rimmed glasses makes Clark look elegant and classy. Check the matching frames from Oxydo in our collection of designer glasses!

6. Brandon Routh

Nerd glasses

This actor gained more recognition when he played the role of Superman in the movie, ‘Superman Returns’ in 2006. When he is Clark, he puts on the brown frames to display a gentleman and nerdy look. Check out this full-rimmed glasses for everyday use from Guess collection!

7. Henry Cavill

designer glasses

Henry Cavill played the eponymous hero as Superman in ‘Man Of Steel’ in 2013 and then surpassed in 2016’s ‘Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ which is a highest-grossing Superman film. Henry as Clark Kent matched his wardrobe with a pair of sleek looking frames. We’ve listed the closest match from Carrera collection of designer glasses!

Well, these are the seven generations of Superman who donned a perfect pair of eyeglasses to look debonair and simple. Hope you enjoyed the throwback to Clark Kent’s glasses on this Superman Day. Which one was your favourite? Visit the men’s glasses section and buy one today for a lot more pizzazz just like Clark Kent!

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