10 Myths about Sunglasses!

Sunglasses are more than a style statement. They don’t just accentuate your fashion vibe, but also have many other useful things to offer. We often forget these important points and just opt for a stylish designer frame or go for cheap quality sunglasses. Your prescription sunglasses or standard sunglasses need to be of good quality and brand. And talk about sunglasses brand, that does not always mean ‘expensive’, Optically has premium brands on its salver at reasonable prices. But, people, you need to take care of few points before you buy or use sunglasses. Here are 10 myths that you need to wipe away from your mind. Get rid of false beliefs of sunglasses usage and shopping!

Myth #1: Sunglasses are just for fashion sake.

No, this is false. Sunglasses do give you a modish look, but they also offer proper protection to your eyes. The harmful UV rays and dust can damage your eyes to a lot of extents, sunglasses then come to rescue. And yes, proper UV protection glasses can do that!

Myth #2: Designer sunglasses are expensive.

No, not at all. You get good quality sunglasses of a reputed brand at reasonable prices. Don’t let money come in between your eyes safe zone and fashion world!

Myth #3: There is nothing called as prescription sunglasses.

False. Prescription sunglasses are available in full range. You just need to provide your prescription, choose a frame and own a designer prescription sunglass. Who said people with a prescription for their eyes couldn’t be on mode?

Myth #4: Sunglasses with darker tints are protective.

No, this is not true. Tint has nothing to do with UV protection. Even the 100% UV protection glasses without any tint fulfil the purpose and take care of your eyes!

Myth #5: Sunglasses are just for adults.


Not at all. Children spend more time in the sun than us. They are more exposed to dust and UV rays. Even kids need all the eyes pampering!

Myth #6: Branded sunglasses are expensive.

No, this isn’t true. We at Optically will vanish this myth. We offer premium brands at surprisingly low prices. With full UV protection and designer frames online.

Myth #7: Sunglasses are just for the sunny days.

No way. Even on a cloudy day, UV rays persist and so does the heat and dust. You should wear sunglasses even on a cloudy day to keep away from all sorts of damage!

Myth #8: Size doesn’t matter.

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False, the size of the lens does matter. Smaller the lens more chance of UV rays to damage your eyes, bigger the lens your eyes stay compact and protected. Therefore, big frames and lenses are an added advantage!

Myth #9 Buying glasses online is a waste.

No. With so much hustle-bustle and busy schedule in our daily life. It is not always possible to walk in a store for eyewear shopping. To help you with this, buying glasses online has made life easy. Online you get more choices and discounts. And the ‘Try On’ feature solves all your shopping woes!

Myth #10: All sunglasses have UV protection.

No, check the label before purchasing sunglasses. Not all have UV protection. So, from next time make sure you are buying the right pair of sunglasses!

Now, lovelies! Forget all these myths and buy sunglasses online that offer you full UV protection and comes at a reasonable price. Go for a brand, since they provide excellent quality lenses and frames. And, if you are reading this article? Then, you are at the right place. Take a look at the range of prescription sunglasses for men and women. Let all your doubts fly away and give your eyes all the love it deserves!

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