Mother’s Day – The Day When My Mommy Added More Meaning To It!

No matter how much we do for our mother, it’s impossible to match her efforts and astounding love. Sometimes we hide our tears under a pillow, forget our belongings, overlook our health, and get tired of life’s hassles. No matter how hard we try not to hide.The only person who knows it all is our mother. This time it happened the exact opposite on Mother’s day. Yes, I do make it a point that I surprise my mum with gifts and flowers which I did. But she added one more reason to celebrate Mother’s day this time.

Recently I lost a pair of sunnies; they were my favourite ones. Like no matter how many I own, those were my favourite out of all. I still can’t remember where I lost it. The last time I remember it was in my bag, but as usual, I am a little careless in handling my stuff :P. Like I said, my mum takes care of all my stuff. I thought she’d know. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t to her knowledge this time. I tried but couldn’t find that piece of style ever. (sob, sob 🙁 )

And to tell you, those sunglasses I had ordered from Optically. The place where you get the variety of prescription glasses at affordable prices. But, this time it wasn’t possible for me to buy a new pair as I have some other expenses lined up.

We often don’t realise that there’s this one person who is silently taking care of all our needs.

And my mum, a darling, a sweetheart and an angel made sure that I have a smile back on my face. She ordered a pair of same designer glasses that I had lost and to make it more special she wanted it delivered on Mother’s day.

Just to show her gratitude and love towards me (like she always does!) Just take a look at these sunglasses from Oxydo, aren’t these fantastic? Since I love round frames and colour Brown is my favourite when it comes to sunglasses. This one makes me look stylish and confident! These go well with any outfit. And again, I have these. This time I will make sure to treasure them, not because they are favourite but because they are gifted by my mother and that too from Optically!

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