Not Without my precious prescription sunglasses!

Bondi beach

Few days back, I returned home from work a lot more exhausted than usual. I was drenched in sweat from head to toe because of the summer heat (even koalas smell better), had forgotten my myki card at home (Thanks to my compulsive hand bag changing habit ) so had to shell out extra money for tram, forgot to buy Chum for my furry child Max (had to feed him table scraps which he ate with great pleasure), and lost my precious & lucky 1946 Australian Penny. 🙁 Heat was getting the better of me. (whoever thought summer was ‘cool’ didn’t live in Melbourne)

The only oasis in the desert of a scorching day was Ben. He:- had fixed a fabulous dinner of homemade Vegemite sandwich ( okay. Don’t laugh. Efforts count) with tuna & egg salad. He had lit candles and had set the mood for a romantic evening. He took me in his arms, brought his face close (read: very close) to my mine and whispered those five naughty words, that can totally make a girl go weak in the knees – “Time to hit the beach.” (You perv, what were you thinking??? ) 😛

As the temperatures arose here in Melbourne, Ben and I called in sick at our workplaces (of course, we clubbed our sick leave with a weekend), posted some sick selfies (thanks to my well-developed makeup skills) on Instagram and ‘get well soon to self’ status updates to lend credibility to our claims.

Then we packed our rucksacks with lifetime supplies of suntan lotions, moisturizers, bikinis and swim trunks, maps, diaries, books, etc., left Max at the doggy care and hit Bondi beach for our much needed summer break. Our Bondi beach getaway did become memorable – however for all the wrong reasons.

While I stuffed more than half of my belongings in my bag – I forgot to carry one small but important thing – my prescription sunglasses. I usually wear prescription eyeglasses and had deliberately given them a skip because I didn’t want to look specy in all my sexy beach wear pictures. 🙁 How could I let prescription glasses, steal my sunshine) So I carried my lenses but forgot my sunglasses.The chaos, this resulted in is going to be etched in my memory for years to come!

To add insult to injury, I left my contact lenses in our hotel room which was considerably far from the beach. With a complex bifocal prescription, I was already regretting forgetting leaving my contact lenses at my hotel as my vision was clearly – ‘blurry’. I could only make out shapes and blobs moving here and there. So while I lay on the beach soaking the sun and occasionally squishing some sun screen lotion of my palms and rubbing it on my body, I felt relaxed and calm. However, as the heat intensified, I started feeling the brunt of scorching sun. I could actually feel a burning sensation through my whole body much like hot flashes. Ben who was enjoying some watersports came to my rescue. He said what I had been upto for there was a red rash all over my body. I said I was only using my sun screen lotion! He picked up the bottle and read aloud that it was a ‘moisturizing oil’ instead! It left me more than just red faced (read: heavily sunburnt) with embarrassment. This vacation was far from becoming a sight for sore eyes (literally) for me!  While my bag burst out with beach essentials, it did not carry my prescription glasses/sunglasses! So now even my sun exposed eyes had decided to seek revenge and turned sore!

Later in the noon, I was struggling with my iPhone to take a look at all the pictures that we had taken. However, it was very difficult for me to see and I left in a hurry for some poolside bloodies & grilled seafood. I was lazing around on the beach chair just chilling when Ben received a call from his boss. Asking him if he was feeling well enough to prance around with me on Bondi beach, why wasn’t he at work? I started getting notifications from my colleagues liking my photos. Ben checked our phones and saw that I had accidentally uploaded some of our beach snaps on Facebook! WTF, I already knew I was in a deep $#@t when I returned back to my office on Monday!

There was also hilarious story of me falling in the pool with my new iPhone. But that is a different story altogether, I will save it for some other day. No I didn’t enjoy this trip at all, but all those who saw me (clearly making a fool of myself) had a time of their life. It certainly costed me more than just my phone & well-being – my job! I had to come up a complicated story of an old aunt on her deathbed who wanted us to have fun on Bondi beach before she passed away peacefully. Thankfully our bosses bought the story with great skepticism but little validation. (Miss smarty pants is already considering a career in Reality TV 😛

But my ever so optimistic partner in crime – Ben was more than just happy that I was not wearing my prescription eyewear. He said I didn’t catch him red handed ogling at other ladies. So come March,  and we flying off to Maldives. I am getting ready by hitting the gym and pumping some iron for my bikini body. However, to avoid all the mistakes from Bondi Beach (More importantly, Ben checking out other girls) I am going to carry my gorgeous prescription sunglasses from! They not only help me see clearly but also accentuate my features. While I bought my Gucci ones from them, I am definitely going to check out of thousands of other options from international brands like Fendi, Dior, Jimmy Choo, Carrera, Marc Jacobs, Guess, Hugo Boss, Police, etc. Check’s wide range of fashion and prescription eyeglasses online! I know mates, you will love them to bits!!

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