Prescription Eyeglasses Trends for 2016

With every year, every season, new trends keep popping up in the fashion industry.  One such style accessory that can instantly make you look voguish is eyeglasses.  Let’s be honest, spectacles are not just meant to see better, it has moreover become an essential fashion accessory. People absolutely love them! No matter if it is for style or for clear vision, glasses are totally in vogue.  They are cool, they are funky, they are classy, they are sexy – in short they are just Fantastic! The current prescription eyeglasses trend is so tantalizing that the wearer as well as the onlookers cannot ignore it.

So let’s check out what is in vogue this season:

Browline eyeglasses:

One of the latest but also one of the oldest eyewear styles – browline glasses has become a rage among the youth.  This style was quite popular during 1950s, 1960s and this classic style has made a grand comeback.  The strong details among the top of frame (covering eyebrows) and no outline along the bottom makes the glass look really refined.  It somewhat has a wayfarer structure. Most of the men and women have adopted this vintage collection.

Thick rimmed glasses:

Inspired from the 70s era, thick rimmed glasses is cool, retro and definitely super stylish.  The contemporary thick rimmed glasses offer wide variety of options in terms of colours and textures.  All men out there if you wish to drive your lady-love crazy with your appearance, then try out for black rimmed thick specs.  Even the women can charm their mates with bold coloured thick rimmed cat-eye glasses.  Brown, red and black colours are best hues for this style of frames.

Big square frames:

Want that geeky look with the dash of coolness? Check out the big square frame glasses.  This style of frame makes you look smarter, matured and cool. You can wear it for any casual meet or while chilling out with friends.  The angular edgy frames are wide and tall and perfectly complement faces with soft curves.  Square prescription glasses are easily available at any optical store.

Aviators with round lenses:

This season retro meets metro with the futuristic style – Aviator glasses with round lenses.  The street fashion has become favourite among the celebrities and also is also loved by the fashion-forward crowd.  It is definitely a unique style and trend that will stay in fad for a long time.

Two-toned eyeglasses:

Two-toned glasses with dark and light combination have recently made entry in the eyewear fashion.  This style is unique, funky and popular among the youngsters. Usually the solid colour covers top part of the frame while the faded shade covers the lower part.  This type of frame can be worn during classy and casual occasions.  Two-toned frame is popular among both men and women. Women can go for the chic cat-eye style glasses while men can opt for classic circular shape frames.

Prescription eyeglasses are more than just a style statement.  The trending prescription glasses, along with accentuating your facial appearance, offer you clear vision. So when you choose for the polished eyeglasses, also ensure it is of precise prescription.

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