Tips to Select Glasses for Round Shape Face

The main purpose of spectacles is to provide clear vision while sunglasses are used to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. However if you choose right shape of glasses for your face, it will not only help you to see better but will make your look better too. Eyeglasses can serve as a fantastic piece of accessory that will instantly accentuate your appearance.

Rounded jawline, fuller cheeks without hard angles, wide forehead are the typical traits of round shape face.  These features make round face people look appealing and youthful.  To complement their facial look, they need to opt for glasses that will create an illusion of longer face.  Right pair of eyewear will make your overall appearance attractive.

Here are few guidelines that will help you to choose perfect frames for your face shape:  

Rectangular frames:

Rectangular shape frames is best suited for round face shape.  Due to the equal length and width of face, sharp angular frames like rectangular shape create perfect balance. It breaks the all round face structure and makes it appear long and thin.

 Geometric frames:

Like rectangular frames even other geometric shape glasses have sharper angular edges. The lack of angles and sharpness which is missing in round face is fulfilled by angular shape frames.  It will add right balance and accentuate your facial appearance.  Angular narrow glass will lengthen the face size.

Coloured or printed frames:

Round shape face people can definitely experiment with the embellished frames as it will spice up their look. Bright coloured frames, geometric prints or frames decked up with designs can be a good choice of eyeframes for round face shape. This will create a contrast effect and make the face look attractive.  Even glasses with strong eyebrow detailing will enhance the look.

Upswept frames:

Upswept frames matches perfectly for people with curvy cheeks. These frames are connected at the temples and make your face appear longer. It looks flattering for round shape faces. Cat-eye glasses or upswept frames, instantly lifts you face and draw attention.

Round Shape Face People Should Definitely Avoid

Small or short frames:

If you are looking for perfect pair of glasses, without any doubt avoid buying short frames as it will enhance the roundness and make you look fuller.  So round face shape should avoid small and short frames.

Oversize frames:

Just like small frames, big frames should also be completely avoided by round face shape people.  Your face will look more rounded if you wear oversized frames. Though it is in vogue, it will be wise if you do not follow this style.

Round shape frames:

Well it is quite obvious – Round shape frames for round shape face is a big NO!  Your face will look more circular than reality and add more soft curves.  Wearing round glasses will certainly not suit your face shape.

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