Winter Eyewear Trends 2016 in Australia

It’s time to dig out sweaters, scarfs and boots from your wardrobe and flaunt your winter fashion.  What more can you do to look stylish this winter season? Embrace your eyes with eyeglasses.  Yes wearing sunglasses in winter is no more considered as show off, in fact it is all the rage and protective for your eyes. Opt for the fall-friendly voguish shades and look cool this winter season. The gorgeous winter eyewear alternatives available are simply best to accessorise your look in the chilly weather.  There is a deep relationship between sunglasses and fashion and this bond now continues to grow in all seasons.  In short wearing sunglasses is not just restricted when there is shine outside, it’s an upbeat charm even during wintertime.

Swanky Eyewear Trending this Winter Season in Australia –

Oversized retro sunglasses:

The big retro sunglasses are definitely in vogue this fall season. Add oomph factor to your winter wardrobe with aviator style oversized sunglasses and for more twist opt for 60s 70s style.  The unique biggies on eyes suit the cozy winter dressing. Whether it’s geeky retro Gucci glasses or the aviator style Boss Hugo Boss sunglasses, oversized eyeglasses is In this winter 2016.

Contemporary cat-eye sunglasses:

Cat eye sunglasses is actually trend of all seasons, it looks eye-candy any time of the year, even in winters.  The glamorous cat-eye sunglasses is not just style-statement for models, it’s in fad among today’s youth.  The futuristic cat-eye sunglasses with thick rimmed frames protect your eyes and look pretty on your winter get-up.  All the ladies out there, cat-eye glasses are just for you.

Vintage glasses:

Vintage is the new modern! Yes the 70s style is back in fashion, especially in sunglasses.  The geeky retro era glasses add a touch of luxury to your winter attire.  A big comfy scarf or a muffler with big vintage glasses looks really cool.

Printed frames:

Australian fashion trends have introduced new eyewear style – printed frames. The popular style is available in fashionable brands like Fendi, Gucci, Jimmy Choo and many others.  Bright colours, animal prints, stripes, dotted prints gel well with winter outfit. Any woolen clothing with animal printed frames look faddy.

Jeweled frames:

The uber chic ritzy jeweled eyewear frames come with heavy price tag but is sure worth spending.  Branded eye frames integrated with rare gems and motifs is classy and popular autumn/ winter eyewear trend in Australia.  Giant brands like Versace, Bulgari showcase these classy jeweled frames.

Dark sensual glasses:

Dark glasses are just ideal for Australian winter fashion. The mysterious dark frames with cozy winter apparel look hot. Most of the popular eyewear brands in Australia boast the black shades.

The fall 2016 certainly will not disappoint the fashion fanatics as it has too many innovative styles to offer.  No matter if you are seeking for attractive attention or sober sophisticated appearance, the current eyewear trend will accompany you to accentuate your winter look. Right pair of sunglasses will instantly transform your personality.

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