How to Buy Prescription Glasses Online on

Skeptical about buying Spectacle online? Don’t worry, Optically assures you with safe and easy online eyewear shopping.

Glasses are no more just for clear vision, it have moreover become a style-statement. You can wear your glasses round the clock without feeling intimidated about how you look as there are myriads of dapper specs option available online. Finding stylish cum precise eyeglasses under one roof can be uphill struggle, however, the good news is No More!!!

If you are looking for perfect fit, crystal-clear vision, durable and affordable prescription glasses then you have landed on right place. Shopping for prescription glasses on Optically is as simple as ABC.

You just need to follow few easy steps to get your look enhanced with snazzy pair of prescription glasses.

Step 1 :

  • Go to
  • After landing on the site, you can choose from wide range of men & women Prescription Glasses available on the site.
  • You can customise your choice by selecting style / price range / colour / frame shape /  material /  brand

Step 2 :

  • Choose your preferred pair of glasses from the showcased assortment
  • After clicking your choice, you will be landed on the product detail page
  • Go through all the details  given below the selected glasses picture before buying. Read frame specification like colour, type of frame, purpose of use like soft nose pads make them ideal for long daily wear etc.
  • After going through the details, click on Buy Now button to grab your glasses

Step 3:

  • After clicking on Buy Now, you will be asked further details, where you have to select from the choices, to obtain perfect pair.

As per your usage, you can select from the given options:

  • Everything/Distance – If you use your glasses for general everyday use i.e. driving, shopping or watching TV. You only need your glasses to see things in the distance i.e. car number plates or road signs.
  • Reading – If your optician has given you glasses for reading and close work only i.e. reading paperwork etc.
  • Computer – Your optician has prescribed you glasses to use while on the computer at work.
  • Bifocal – Bifocal lenses are for customers who want the convenience of distance and near powers, all in one lens, i.e. two powers in one.
  • Multifocal – Multifocal lenses are for customers who want the convenience of distance, intermediate & near powers, all in one lens, without any visible lines.
  • Fashion (No prescription) – You want glasses without a prescription, just for fashion use.

Choose your preferred alternative along with type of lenses and continue with the purchasing process

Step 4:

  • In the next step, you will be asked to choose your suitable lenses package. For example – we’ll choose ‘Premium Lenses’, click on Select

Step 5:

  • Now in next step you can either click on ‘Clear Prescription Lenses’ OR choose from Sunglasses Tints, Photochromic & Transition Lenses and Polarised Lenses
  • In case you Select from one of  the options below, you will get a choice to select your favourable colour. For example we have chosen Sunglasses tints and colour Brown. Click on Select  

Step 6:

  • Now comes the most integral part for buying prescription glasses. On this page you will be asked for your Prescription details. In case you click on SEND LATER, you will be directly taken to Shopping cart page
  • While, if you choose to ENTER NOW, then a detail section will be displayed below where you can either enter your prescription details or upload the scan copy of prescription and click on Save & Continue

Don’t worry if the prescription is not handy, you can always send it later via photo, email, phone, fax or post

Step 7:

  • You will be migrated to Shopping cart, where you review your order and proceed to checkout
  • In order to make your shopping experience more convenient, if you want to make any moderation in your order, you can quickly do by clicking on  the pencil icon
  • You can also enter your discount if any to attain the glasses at more reasonable cost

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  • After getting done with review and moderations (if any), click on Proceed to Checkout

Step 8:

  • You are just one step away from acquiring your choicest pair of glasses. Enter your shipping details on Checkout
  • If your billing and delivery addresses are different, click on no, other address details form will be displayed where you can enter delivery address details
  • Click on Checkout

Step 9:

  • After clicking on Checkout, you will be taken to secured page of payment gateway where you need to enter payment details like Credit card details and click on pay
  • Once you are done with it, you are done with your shopping successfully. You will arrive on Thank you page, where you can view your order details

Follow this simple buying process and soon your favourite pair of customised prescription glasses will arrive at your doorstep.

Enjoy shopping on Optically!!!

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