On This ‘Superman Day’ Let’s Throw Some Light On Clark Kent’s Eyeglasses!

Superman day special

Superman is everyone’s favourite amongst the clan of superheroes. This big blue boy scout has won hearts of many. From Kirk Alyn to George Reeves to Henry Cavill, the role of Superman has been recast since then. And all these actors have played the role with complete justice. There is one more side to Superman, his identity as ‘Clark Kent’ and the best thing he used to play this character in disguise, are his eyeglasses. Yes, there is something about Clark Kent’s glasses that have evolved over the period.

Be it prescription glasses or regular glasses, Clark Kent made sure he looks the best just to mix up with ordinary people and keep the superhero powers under control. Let’s take a look at Clark Kent’s designer glasses that made him look stylish always and helped him impress his lover Lois!

  1. Kirk Alyn

Safilo Glasses

Kirk Alyn was the first actor who gave birth to Superman in action in 1948. While he was Clark Kent, he wore the wired round frames, which made him look intellectual and smart. Take a look at the closest match we have from Safilo glasses collection!

  1. George Reeves

Weldon Glasses Online

Starred in 1950’s in the TV series ‘Adventures Of Superman’ George Reeves is styled with round tortoiseshell frames. The tortoiseshell glasses have made a long way in the world of fashion. Check out the frames of such type from our Weldon glasses collection!

  1. Christopher Reeve

Weldon Prescription Glasses

Christopher Reeve starred in the movie ‘Superman’  in 1978 and won the BAFTA award for the same. This actor has donned large frame glasses in utter style and panache. Check the Weldon 001 glasses from our range of designer glasses for men!

  1. Dean Cain

Weldon Glasses Australia

This actor played the role of Superman and Clark Kent in the famous TV series ‘Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman’ in 1993. How could Lois resist Clark with his designer eyeglasses? In this series, semi-rimmed glasses were the pick for Clark Kent. Check the semi-rimmed frames similar with Dean Cain’s in Superman!

  1. Tom Welling

Blog Image_04 - Tom welling

Tom Welling played Superman in the popular drama called Smallville. Clark in this is styled up with a pair of rectangular frames. The black full-rimmed glasses makes Clark look elegant and classy. Check the matching frames from Oxydo in our collection of designer glasses!

  1. Brandon Routh

Blog Image_05- Brandon Routh

This actor gained more recognition when he played the role of Superman in the movie, ‘Superman Returns’ in 2006. When he is Clark, he puts on the brown frames to display a gentleman and nerdy look. Check out this full-rimmed glasses for everyday use from Guess collection!

  1. Henry Cavill

Glasses Online

Henry Cavill played the eponymous hero as Superman in ‘Man Of Steel’ in 2013 and then surpassed in 2016’s ‘Batman vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ which is a highest-grossing Superman film. Henry as Clark Kent matched his wardrobe with a pair of sleek looking frames. We’ve listed the closest match from Carrera collection of designer glasses!

Well, these are the seven generations of Superman who donned a perfect pair of eyeglasses to look debonair and simple. Hope you enjoyed the throwback to Clark Kent’s glasses on this Superman Day. Which one was your favourite? Visit the men’s glasses section and buy one today for a lot more pizzazz just like Clark Kent!

10 Myths About Sunglasses That Need To Vanish Right Away From Your Mind!

Prescription sunglasses

Sunglasses are more than a style statement. They don’t just accentuate your fashion vibe, but also have many other useful things to offer. We often forget these important points and just opt for a stylish designer frame or go for cheap quality sunglasses. Your prescription sunglasses or standard sunglasses need to be of good quality and brand. And talk about sunglasses brand, that does not always mean ‘expensive’, Optically has premium brands on its salver at reasonable prices. But, people, you need to take care of few points before you buy or use sunglasses. Here are 10 myths that you need to wipe away from your mind. Get rid of false beliefs of sunglasses usage and shopping!

Myth #1: Sunglasses are just for fashion sake.

No, this is false. Sunglasses do give you a modish look, but they also offer proper protection to your eyes. The harmful UV rays and dust can damage your eyes to a lot of extents, sunglasses then come to rescue. And yes, proper UV protection glasses can do that!

Myth #2: Designer sunglasses are expensive.

No, not at all. You get good quality sunglasses of a reputed brand at reasonable prices. Don’t let money come in between your eyes safe zone and fashion world!

Myth #3: There is nothing called as prescription sunglasses.

False. Prescription sunglasses are available in full range. You just need to provide your prescription, choose a frame and own a designer prescription sunglasses. Who said people with a prescription for their eyes couldn’t be on mode?

Myth #4: Sunglasses with darker tints are protective.

No, this is not true. Tint has nothing to do with UV protection. Even the 100% UV protection glasses without any tint fulfil the purpose and take care of your eyes!

Myth #5: Sunglasses are just for adults.

Glasses Online

Not at all. Children spend more time in the sun than us. They are more exposed to dust and UV rays. Even kids need all the eyes pampering!

Myth #6: Branded sunglasses are expensive.

No, this isn’t true. We at Optically will vanish this myth. We offer premium brands at surprisingly low prices. With full UV protection and designer frames online.

Myth #7: Sunglasses are just for the sunny days.

No way. Even on a cloudy day, UV rays persist and so does the heat and dust. You should wear sunglasses even on a cloudy day to keep away from all sorts of damage!

Myth #8: Size doesn’t matter.

giphy (1)-image 1

False, the size of the lens does matter. Smaller the lens more chance of UV rays to damage your eyes, bigger the lens your eyes stay compact and protected. Therefore, big frames and lenses are an added advantage!

Myth #9 Buying glasses online is a waste.

No. With so much hustle-bustle and busy schedule in our daily life. It is not always possible to walk in a store for eyewear shopping. To help you with this, buying glasses online has made life easy. Online you get more choices and discounts. And the ‘Try On’ feature solves all your shopping woes!

Myth #10: All sunglasses have UV protection.

No, check the label before purchasing sunglasses. Not all have UV protection. So, from next time make sure you are buying the right pair of sunglasses!

Now, lovelies! Forget all these myths and buy sunglasses online that offer you full UV protection and comes at a reasonable price. Go for a brand, since they provide excellent quality lenses and frames. And, if you are reading this article? Then, you are at the right place. Take a look at the range of prescription sunglasses for men and women. Let all your doubts fly away and give your eyes all the love it deserves!

Mother’s Day – The Day When My Mommy Added More Meaning To It!

Buy Prescription Sunglasses

No matter how much we do for our mother, it’s impossible to match her efforts and astounding love. Sometimes we hide our tears under a pillow, forget our belongings, overlook our health, and get tired of life’s hassles. No matter how hard we try not to hide.The only person who knows it all is our mother. This time it happened the exact opposite on Mother’s day. Yes, I do make it a point that I surprise my mum with gifts and flowers which I did. But she added one more reason to celebrate Mother’s day this time.

Gift Prescription sunglasses

Recently I lost a pair of sunnies; they were my favourite ones. Like no matter how many I own, those were my favourite out of all. I still can’t remember where I lost it. The last time I remember it was in my bag, but as usual, I am a little careless in handling my stuff :P. Like I said, my mum takes care of all my stuff. I thought she’d know. But, unfortunately, it wasn’t to her knowledge this time. I tried but couldn’t find that piece of style ever. (sob, sob :( )

And to tell you, those sunglasses I had ordered from Optically. The place where you get the variety of glasses online at affordable prices. But, this time it wasn’t possible for me to buy a new pair as I have some other expenses lined up.

We often don’t realise that there’s this one person who is silently taking care of all our needs.

And my mum, a darling, a sweetheart and an angel made sure that I have a smile back on my face. She ordered a pair of same designer glasses that I had lost and to make it more special she wanted it delivered on Mother’s day.

Sunglasses Online

Just to show her gratitude and love towards me (like she always does!) Just take a look at these sunglasses online from Oxydo, aren’t these fantastic? Since I love round frames and colour Brown is my favourite when it comes to sunglasses. This one makes me look stylish and confident! These go well with any outfit. And again, I have these. This time I will make sure to treasure them, not because they are favourite but because they are gifted by my mother and that too from Optically!

Party On Your Mind? This Is The Eyewear You Need!

Sunglasses for women

Hello, cuties! Australia is brimming with the goodness of Autumn lately. The time when people play with hues of joy, fun, and craziness. With so many events lined up from music to food and wine festivals and fashion weeks. These happenings ring a bell towards one thing that everyone loves, and that is ‘Party.’

You get your wardrobe in place, dress in a perfect outfit to look voguish and upbeat. But, your outfit is incomplete without glasses made for pairing with your wardrobe. The one that spells opulence and brings out the fashionable soul in you. Yes, all you need is a perfect pair of sunglasses/eyeglasses to slay it like a pro!

Let’s dive into the world of fashion for feel good sunnies or prescription glasses and buy them online. We promise to offer trendiest men and women glasses and this time with a lot more pizzazz!

When Out In The Sun – You Need These!

Funky Coloured Frames
All you fashion frenzies out there now choose from a wide range of funky coloured frame glasses online. The colour variation on the frame gives a whiff of vogue. They look ritzy and will get you immense appreciation. Be it for the divas or dapper men; we have choices for both. Pick your favourite glasses frames today and turn heads of many in the party.

designer prescription sunglasses

Semi-rimmed Sunglasses
Want to be a stunner and glam up your party? Then semi-rimmed with a glint of style will do wonders for your eyes. The colours and design will make you stand out in the crowd and will add more rage to your wardrobe. Semi-rimmed sunglasses showcases a sense of panache. Buy online from a range of different labels and make jaws drop of many!

Sunglasses Online

Out Of The Box Shaped Frames
Go off-track this time, grab a different shape of eyewear and make everyone go head over heels. Since fashion with a cue of fad has always won hearts of many. We have it in all designs and colours. Cast an eye over the sunglasses online and pick the best to look coolest ever!

Prescription Sunglasses Online

Trendy Non-tinted Eyewear!
If you plan to wear a non-tinted eyeglass, then we have a fresh list of those too. Eyeglasses are a must have and with these amazing designs, shapes, and colours you ought to own one. Even the non-tinted glasses create an elan style statement!

Buy Prescription Glasses Online

So Aussies! Visit Optically today, and buy yourself an astounding piece of eyewear, where we are happy to serve and let our customers look modish. Sit back, relax, sip on coffee and browse through your laptop, tablet or cell phone and choose the unbeatable. What’s best? You get prescription sunglasses/eyeglasses as well; you can always shop with Optically with ease and comfort at home!

The Worst Summer Beach Getaway of My Life! (Without my precious prescription sunglasses)

Panoramic view of Bondi Beach in Sydney, at sunset

Few days back, I returned home from work a lot more exhausted than usual. I was drenched in sweat from head to toe because of the summer heat (even koalas smell better), had forgotten my myki card at home (Thanks to my compulsive hand bag changing habit ) so had to shell out extra money for tram, forgot to buy Chum for my furry child Max (had to feed him table scraps which he ate with great pleasure), and lost my precious & lucky 1946 Australian Penny. :-( Heat was getting the better of me. (whoever thought summer was ‘cool’ didn’t live in Melbourne)

The only oasis in the desert of a scorching day was Ben. He:- had fixed a fabulous dinner of homemade Vegemite sandwich ( okay. Don’t laugh. Efforts count) with tuna & egg salad. He had lit candles and had set the mood for a romantic evening. He took me in his arms, brought his face close (read: very close) to my mine and whispered those five naughty words, that can totally make a girl go weak in the knees – “Time to hit the beach.” (You perv, what were you thinking??? ) 😛

As the temperatures arose here in Melbourne, Ben and I called in sick at our workplaces (of course, we clubbed our sick leave with a weekend), posted some sick selfies (thanks to my well-developed makeup skills) on Instagram and ‘get well soon to self’ status updates to lend credibility to our claims.

Then we packed our rucksacks with lifetime supplies of suntan lotions, moisturizers, bikinis and swim trunks, maps, diaries, books, etc., left Max at the doggy care and hit Bondi beach for our much needed summer break. Our Bondi beach getaway did become memorable – however for all the wrong reasons.

While I stuffed more than half of my belongings in my bag – I forgot to carry one small but important thing – my prescription sunglasses. I usually wear prescription eyeglasses and had deliberately given them a skip because I didn’t want to look specy in all my sexy beach wear pictures. :-( How could I let prescription glasses, steal my sunshine) So I carried my lenses but forgot my sunglasses.The chaos, this resulted in is going to be etched in my memory for years to come!

To add insult to injury, I left my contact lenses in our hotel room which was considerably far from the beach. With a complex bifocal prescription, I was already regretting forgetting leaving my contact lenses at my hotel as my vision was clearly – ‘blurry’. I could only make out shapes and blobs moving here and there. So while I lay on the beach soaking the sun and occasionally squishing some sun screen lotion of my palms and rubbing it on my body, I felt relaxed and calm. However, as the heat intensified, I started feeling the brunt of scorching sun. I could actually feel a burning sensation through my whole body much like hot flashes. Ben who was enjoying some watersports came to my rescue. He said what I had been upto for there was a red rash all over my body. I said I was only using my sun screen lotion! He picked up the bottle and read aloud that it was a ‘moisturizing oil’ instead! It left me more than just red faced (read: heavily sunburnt) with embarrassment. This vacation was far from becoming a sight for sore eyes (literally) for me!  While my bag burst out with beach essentials, it did not carry my prescription glasses/sunglasses! So now even my sun exposed eyes had decided to seek revenge and turned sore!

Later in the noon, I was struggling with my iPhone to take a look at all the pictures that we had taken. However, it was very difficult for me to see and I left in a hurry for some poolside bloodies & grilled seafood. I was lazing around on the beach chair just chilling when Ben received a call from his boss. Asking him if he was feeling well enough to prance around with me on Bondi beach, why wasn’t he at work? I started getting notifications from my colleagues liking my photos. Ben checked our phones and saw that I had accidentally uploaded some of our beach snaps on Facebook! WTF, I already knew I was in a deep $#@t when I returned back to my office on Monday!

There was also hilarious story of me falling in the pool with my new iPhone. But that is a different story altogether, I will save it for some other day. No I didn’t enjoy this trip at all, but all those who saw me (clearly making a fool of myself) had a time of their life. It certainly costed me more than just my phone & well-being – my job! I had to come up a complicated story of an old aunt on her deathbed who wanted us to have fun on Bondi beach before she passed away peacefully. Thankfully our bosses bought the story with great skepticism but little validation. (Miss smarty pants is already considering a career in Reality TV 😛

But my ever so optimistic partner in crime – Ben was more than just happy that I was not wearing my prescription eyewear. He said I didn’t catch him red handed ogling at other ladies. So come March,  and we flying off to Maldives. I am getting ready by hitting the gym and pumping some iron for my bikini body. However, to avoid all the mistakes from Bondi Beach (More importantly, Ben checking out other girls) I am going to carry my gorgeous prescription sunglasses from Optically.com.au! They not only help me see clearly but also accentuate my features. While I bought my Gucci ones from them, I am definitely going to check out of thousands of other options from international brands like Fendi, Dior, Jimmy Choo, Carrera, Marc Jacobs, Guess, Hugo Boss, Police, etc. Check Optically.com.au’s wide range of fashion and prescription eyeglasses online! I know mates, you will love them to bits!!

This Valentine’s Day Capture the Best Moments of Life with Your Best Glasses!

Couples with prescription sunglasses

One thing that we humans cannot let go off is memories. We thrive on them. Bitter and sweet both. They are captured and impregnated on our minds like photographs. When we look at beautiful things, its image stays in our hearts forever. People say ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and not everyone has the ability to find beauty in everything. To see beauty, one needs vision. Vision in their eyes and vision in their minds and good vision comes with good glasses. Ask people with glasses, how weird it feels to remove your glasses even for a minute. I wear glasses, so I know. You feel your vision getting blurred and the feeling of you not being able to see clearly is quite scary. But, the moment you put your glasses on, you feel you are back to life. You see exactly what you should see and what all the beauty this world has to offer to you.

Glasses Online

Living in a beautiful country adds a different charm to your vision. Australia is alive with natural beauty. Be it the beauty of Sydney Harbour, the beaches of Queensland, the sunset at Uluru, the national parks, the great ocean road, the blue mountains, the misty forests, the magical islands, the mesmerising mountain tops and the outstanding Australian outbacks. Their is love and peace in all these places. Every year on Valentine’s Day loved up couples plan a visit to one of these places. Just to be with their beloveds and capture the beauty of the moments spent with them. These places mark the most important events in their lives. People propose and confess their love for each other here, they make their special announcements like wedding dates and pregnancies, every precious event is made beautiful just to remember it for the rest of their lives. So, to capture the best moments of your life, you will need to see this world beautifully and to see beautifully you need good vision and good vision needs good glasses. So, here’s a little help. A small guide for you to buy your best glasses this season. For a hassle free and smooth online shopping of glasses you cannot go anywhere else, but to Optically.com.au

I have been a loyal customer of Optically Australia as it is one of the best websites to buy prescription glasses online. I have shopped here already over three times and never even once have regretted any of my choices. I can count on them because they are worth it. The best thing about Optically is its product pricing. I was surprised to see that you can even buy spectacles online at such affordable prices.They have glasses started from just A$9 and that too including prescription lenses. You will go troppo choosing just one frame from a long list of rimless glasses, prescription sunglasses and designer glasses. They will offer you the lowest of prices, unbelievable product return policy upto 90 days and unimaginably fast delivery. Men can choose classy yet stylish frames like Norfolk, Jorgio and Walden and women…. well, they are for sure to go crazy looking at the list of brands Optically has to offer. Women can choose the best brands Gucci, Fendi, Hugo Boss, Vogue and so many more.

Another amazing thing about Optically that will make your shopping experience very comfortable and convenient is its virtual ‘try on’ feature. Whether you upload your picture or capture it with your webcam, it will give you the perfect idea of how your glasses will look on you. This website is so user friendly, you can view and use this feature on any platform, be it your computer, laptops, cellphones or iPads. Easy , isn’t it? Shopping for glasses on Optically is probably the easiest way anyone can buy glasses online. Every pair of glasses bought, come with free standard single vision prescription lenses, free scratch resistant coating and a free case with microfiber cloth. Optically also gives you an option to renew your existing glasses with new lenses through their ‘Reglaze’ segment. The options range from simple standard lenses to ultra thin to world’s thinnest. Optically is one stop destination for all the things related to glasses. Whether you want to buy it or change it, you are sure to get a beautiful glasses for yourself.

Lovely couple in glasses

While Optically is doing what it does the best and that is giving us the best options in glasses from around the world, why don’t you plan a beautiful Valentine’s Day. Get yourself and your valentine the best frames that are available on Optically and capture every moment spent with each other forever in your hearts. Life is too short to just be thinking of something and not trying it out. This Valentine’s day, visit the best of places and see the best of the beauty this world has to offer. And yes, don’t forget to get your glasses first.

Prescription Eyeglasses Trends for 2016

Prescription-Eyeglasses-Trends-for-2016With every year, every season, new trends keep popping up in the fashion industry.  One such style accessory that can instantly make you look voguish is eyeglasses.  Let’s be honest, spectacles are not just meant to see better, it has moreover become an essential fashion accessory. People absolutely love them! No matter if it is for style or for clear vision, glasses are totally in vogue.  They are cool, they are funky, they are classy, they are sexy – in short they are just Fantastic! The current prescription eyeglasses trend is so tantalizing that the wearer as well as the onlookers cannot ignore it. Continue reading

Tips to Select Glasses for Round Shape Face


The main purpose of spectacles is to provide clear vision while sunglasses are used to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. However if you choose right shape of glasses for your face, it will not only help you to see better but will make your look better too. Eyeglasses can serve as a fantastic piece of accessory that will instantly accentuate your appearance.

Rounded jawline, fuller cheeks without hard angles, wide forehead are the typical traits of round shape face.  These features make round face people look appealing and youthful.  Continue reading

Winter Eyewear Trends 2016 in Australia

It’s time to dig out sweaters, scarfs and boots from your wardrobe and flaunt your winter fashion.  What more can you do to look stylish this winter season? Embrace your eyes with eyeglasses.  Yes wearing sunglasses in winter is no more considered as show off, in fact it is all the rage and protective for your eyes. Opt for the fall-friendly voguish shades and look cool this winter season. The gorgeous winter eyewear alternatives available are simply best to accessorise your look in the chilly weather.  There is a deep relationship between sunglasses Continue reading

Avoid Eye-Strain with Good Quality Prescription Glasses

Avoid-Eye-Strain-with-Good-Quality-Prescription-GlassesDoes your eyes feel strained or tired after a long day at work? After staring at Television for hours, does your eyes feel irritated? Yes? Then you might be suffering from Digital Eye Strain / Computer Vision Syndrome.

In this technology-driven world, you spend countless time glaring on screen and unfortunately you end up stressing your eyes. The bright rays popping out of the electronically-lit screen are seriously harmful, it causes dryness, irritation and eventually it may cause blurred vision. Continue reading