Important Reasons For Having Two Pair Of Glasses!

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For the people who wear glasses every day, it’s important you own another pair of eyewear. Let’s admit it, glasses wearer have endured the stress of damage at some stage. Optically Australia has a huge collection of eyeglasses and prescription glasses all at affordable price. You can choose more than one pair of glasses online just to redeem the stress of broken glasses by having access to another pair.

Buying glasses online from Optically is cost-effective. We are one of Australia’s leading online eyewear store. All our glasses and prescription sunglasses are of latest styles. We also provide free 10 days home trial service Australia wide. Yes, now you can order four frames to try at home. Buying glasses online could have never been this better. Continue reading

Try Before You Buy: Free Home Trial Of Glasses!

Home Trial Glasses Online

Buying glasses online, let’s admit it, can be tricky. We at Optically know that how important it is to try on and feel the glasses before you buy them. That’s why Optically offers free home trial services Australia wide. Trying glasses virtually is available on our website, but we’ve made it a lot easier for all the Australian shoppers to buy eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. We have over 100 of eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses to choose from on the home trial page.

Things you need to do for free 10 days home trial services are:
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On This ‘Superman Day’ Let’s Throw Some Light On Clark Kent’s Eyeglasses!

Superman day special

Superman is everyone’s favourite amongst the clan of superheroes. This big blue boy scout has won hearts of many. From Kirk Alyn to George Reeves to Henry Cavill, the role of Superman has been recast since then. And all these actors have played the role with complete justice. There is one more side to Superman, his identity as ‘Clark Kent’ and the best thing he used to play this character in disguise, are his eyeglasses. Yes, there is something about Clark Kent’s glasses that have evolved over the period.

Be it prescription glasses or regular glasses, Clark Kent made sure he looks the best just to mix up with ordinary people and keep the superhero powers under control. Let’s take a look at Clark Kent’s designer glasses that made him look stylish always and helped him impress his lover Lois!

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10 Myths About Sunglasses That Need To Vanish Right Away From Your Mind!

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Sunglasses are more than a style statement. They don’t just accentuate your fashion vibe, but also have many other useful things to offer. We often forget these important points and just opt for a stylish designer frame or go for cheap quality sunglasses. Your prescription sunglasses or standard sunglasses need to be of good quality and brand. And talk about sunglasses brand, that does not always mean ‘expensive’, Optically has premium brands on its salver at reasonable prices. But, people, you need to take care of few points before you buy or use sunglasses. Here are 10 myths that you need to wipe away from your mind. Get rid of false beliefs of sunglasses usage and shopping!
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Mother’s Day – The Day When My Mommy Added More Meaning To It!

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No matter how much we do for our mother, it’s impossible to match her efforts and astounding love. Sometimes we hide our tears under a pillow, forget our belongings, overlook our health, and get tired of life’s hassles. No matter how hard we try not to hide.The only person who knows it all is our mother. This time it happened the exact opposite on Mother’s day. Yes, I do make it a point that I surprise my mum with gifts and flowers which I did. But she added one more reason to celebrate Mother’s day this time.
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Party On Your Mind? This Is The Eyewear You Need!

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Hello, cuties! Australia is brimming with the goodness of Autumn lately. The time when people play with hues of joy, fun, and craziness. With so many events lined up from music to food and wine festivals and fashion weeks. These happenings ring a bell towards one thing that everyone loves, and that is ‘Party.’

You get your wardrobe in place, dress in a perfect outfit to look voguish and upbeat. But, your outfit is incomplete without glasses made for pairing with your wardrobe. The one that spells opulence and brings out the fashionable soul in you. Yes, all you need is a perfect pair of sunglasses/eyeglasses to slay it like a pro!
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The Worst Summer Beach Getaway of My Life! (Without my precious prescription sunglasses)

Panoramic view of Bondi Beach in Sydney, at sunset

Few days back, I returned home from work a lot more exhausted than usual. I was drenched in sweat from head to toe because of the summer heat (even koalas smell better), had forgotten my myki card at home (Thanks to my compulsive hand bag changing habit ) so had to shell out extra money for tram, forgot to buy Chum for my furry child Max (had to feed him table scraps which he ate with great pleasure), and lost my precious & lucky 1946 Australian Penny. :-( Heat was getting the better of me. (whoever thought summer was ‘cool’ didn’t live in Melbourne)

The only oasis in the desert of a scorching day was Ben. He:- had fixed a fabulous dinner of homemade Vegemite sandwich ( okay. Don’t laugh. Efforts count) with tuna & egg salad. He had lit candles and had set the mood for a romantic evening. He took me in his arms, brought his face close (read: very close) to my mine and whispered those five naughty words, that can totally make a girl go weak in the knees – “Time to hit the beach.” (You perv, what were you thinking??? ) 😛
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This Valentine’s Day Capture the Best Moments of Life with Your Best Glasses!

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One thing that we humans cannot let go off is memories. We thrive on them. Bitter and sweet both. They are captured and impregnated on our minds like photographs. When we look at beautiful things, its image stays in our hearts forever. People say ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and not everyone has the ability to find beauty in everything. To see beauty, one needs vision. Vision in their eyes and vision in their minds and good vision comes with good glasses. Ask people with glasses, how weird it feels to remove your glasses even for a minute. I wear glasses, so I know. You feel your vision getting blurred and the feeling of you not being able to see clearly is quite scary. But, the moment you put your glasses on, you feel you are back to life. You see exactly what you should see and what all the beauty this world has to offer to you.
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Prescription Eyeglasses Trends for 2016

Prescription-Eyeglasses-Trends-for-2016With every year, every season, new trends keep popping up in the fashion industry.  One such style accessory that can instantly make you look voguish is eyeglasses.  Let’s be honest, spectacles are not just meant to see better, it has moreover become an essential fashion accessory. People absolutely love them! No matter if it is for style or for clear vision, glasses are totally in vogue.  They are cool, they are funky, they are classy, they are sexy – in short they are just Fantastic! The current prescription eyeglasses trend is so tantalizing that the wearer as well as the onlookers cannot ignore it. Continue reading

Tips to Select Glasses for Round Shape Face


The main purpose of spectacles is to provide clear vision while sunglasses are used to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. However if you choose right shape of glasses for your face, it will not only help you to see better but will make your look better too. Eyeglasses can serve as a fantastic piece of accessory that will instantly accentuate your appearance.

Rounded jawline, fuller cheeks without hard angles, wide forehead are the typical traits of round shape face.  These features make round face people look appealing and youthful.  Continue reading